DC converter Help

I have 8-9 volts coming out of my DC to DC converter. This is causing my Led headlights to barley work. And when you hit the horn it’s real week.

Any advice for trouble shooting would be great.


What should the Input voltage be into the converter and what wires would I or should I test.

Battery voltage in.72+
Are wires marked on converter?
Check voltage with no load. Maybe overloaded?

email me i have diagram


I have a new old stock unit that I bought from the original manufacturer 2 years ago. Turns out mine was not defective
It fits the 1999 model

Is it the sure power DC to DC converter

It’s 72vdc to 12vdc fully enclosed and full epoxy to be waterproof. Made in Minnesota. Sorry, I don’t have the manufacture name with me. I’m traveling in Asia this week.
Do you know anyone who has a 5hp 72vdc motor for the gem car?

Ok that’s the OLD Orignal style one

I have both versions on Ebay