2008 GEM el no power to motor controller

I have a 2008 gem with no power

No Power to controller
No 12v power
No LCD Power

Things that have been done
new batteries
new motor 1 yr old

have 72-74v power everywhere until it gets to the controller (i believe)
I checked the power on pin one of the motor control and there’s nothing.

Trying to figure out what I’m missing I’m kind of at a stand still.
If apply 12v power to the display fuse it does come on. But other than that i’m lost on where to go next

If the cart is on should I have 72v at the motor controller main power supply?

Any suggestions would be appreciated


Is the main power switch functioning properly?

Yes, I believe so.

When off there’s no voltage then switched on there’s 72v or more between.

It’s on the charger now. No faults on the charger, the main switch is on the key is off.

But the LCD is still off.

sounds like dc converter is bad

Is there a way to test the converter or bypass it to see if it’s bad?

If you have 72 volts in you should have 12/3 volts out.

I just checked the red and black wires coming from the charger and it reads 72v. The manual says to replace DC/DC converter/charger assembly. Does that mean both or maybe one or both could be bad?

I’m trying to make sure there’s 72v going in and 12/3v out but still reading on what pins to check.

email me for the manual rodneyadiehl@aol.com

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Thanks for the proper manual. The one I had was from 2012.

So, I tested both 72v, and 12v and came to the conclusion I might need a new converter (as suggested) I was getting 72v everywhere but no 12v

New converter, everything came back on, butttt…

No movement.

The LCD comes on but the battery is showing one solid red bar but the other bars are flashing as well as the tool icon, the temp icon and all 3 drive settings.

No mileage either

It’s measuring 73+ on everything

Tested all the batteries and I’m getting around 14.1v on all but one, 13.3v

Batteries bad?

Than is again for the help and the right directions