99 gem e825 electrical issues no power no where .

I bought a 99 gem e825 got it home put brand new batteries in it and no power no where . Main disconnect is on . I have 74 volts at controller but I am getting no power to my fuse box . Also main contact is not opening or closing when I turn the key . Any help would be greatly appreciated I am new to gem .

Sounds like the same problem I’m having with my 2011 GemE4

Anyone out there with insights on this sort of thing?

There are several processes that must happen before our GEMs “turn” on. First at least 68v at battery pack and controller connections (B+). That’s the easy part.
Then, depending on year, proper voltage (12v) at key switch, power distribution module and whatever other connections the controller wants to see. Still easy, though slightly more complicated.
Now, putting it all together seems to be the hard part.
Get a wiring diagram and learn it. Know what goes where and what wants particular voltage. These cars aren’t rocket science and as proof, I was able to do a high voltage conversion!
What you are describing seems to be low voltage (12v) issue, so first place to look is 12v-12v converter. Check output from converter itself, then inputs and outputs of each subassembly. Like I said, takes time and learning. But, this knowledge is invaluable! Once you understand the flow of electrons in your cart you will never be truly stranded, just an extension cord away from mobility.
All that aside, check your 12v sources and outputs, while GEMs are essentially high voltage, it takes 12v to make them work .
Please report back with your particular findings and solutions!

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I don’t have 12v anywhere . I ordered a new dc converter will be here tomorrow . Does it use 12 to make main contacter work as well that not working either . I have 72 volts to controller and to dc converter but no 12v coming out of converter to fuse box or anywhere else .

You need 12v indirectly for contactor to pull in. (as I recall)
If contactor is not pulling in you will NOT have 72v to B+ on controller.

I bypassed the charger interlock relay and main switch worked .i ordered the new relay . Once I connected the grey and white together I got full power to card and took it for a quick spin .

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Could you please explain exactly how you did that, as Im having the same issue.
Thank you, Dale