Gem car has no power across the contactor

Have a 2014 gem car 2 passenger. I was driving it and it just stopped. It use to beep when parking brake was left on, now no beep. No codes! I didnt have a click to the solenoid till i bypassed the micro switch on brake. But still wont move. Solenoid clicks back out after a min. No power across the two large posts on solenoid/contactor. Controller has 70 volts across the pos+neg. Dash lights up fine. Any have a clue? Controller??? Ouch…

Is there a wrench on your dash display? (accompanied by a number instead of a big 0 for speed).

Does it beep when you KeyOFF and leave the BrakeDOWN (OFF).

Cycle the Main Batt switch OFF, wait 30 sec, Cycle back ON. Watch the display.

Check across the controller again. 70 is pretty low. You are down below 50% SOC. Plug the car in and let it charge. Try again tomorrow.

When was the last time you did a full pack checkup?

Thanx for the reply. No zeros, no beeps at all, break up or down. Yes, 70 volts at m+ and m- across them. Dash lights up, no codes. No power across the two large post on contactor with key on or off. I touched a wire across the two posts on contactor, and not even a spark. Contactor was not clicking upon pressing the pedal. Then i crossed the three wires on the brake switch, and pressed the pedal, and then it clicked, but no volts across contactor still, and still wont move. F&R Switch? Contactor? Is the contactor the same as the 2004 model? I cant find one one line for a 2014.

No power across the two large post on contactor with key on or off. I touched a wire across the two posts on contactor, and not even a spark.

That’s a good thing as there is not supposed to be any spark from differential voltage at those terminals. If you are looking for a voltage reading then you need to do it the correct way. (this was not the correct way)

Be very careful about randomly jumping things willy-nilly like this. It is a very good way to let the smoke out of very expensive components.
You might even live up to your forum pen name. I’ll make you a special avatar.

If you would like help then I need to know the state of the car by asking questions.
I will also give you some instructions that should produce some expected results. You need to follow them very closely. If you don’t understand them then just ask.
Depending on your answers it will direct the next series of questions/tests. If you give me incorrect observations it will run us both down the wrong path and waste your time and mine.

Don’t wander off and try other random things. K?

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Appreciate ur help! Ok…

Again- Let me reword this a bit.
Is there a wrench on your dash display? If so, the speed indicator will be a number. What is that number?

Turn the Key OFF and leave the Brake DOWN. Does this produce a constant Beeeeeep?

Then Turn the Key ON and pull the Brake UP. Does a Red Brake light appear on your dash? (No beep)

Reset the system by switching the Main Batt switch OFF, wait 30 sec, Cycle Main Bat Sw back ON. Then Key ON. Does the display fully Boot? It should show Batt status, A box around the speed/direction selected, the odometer, and a bog Zero for Speed.

Are there any other lights active?.

What does the car do when you plug it in to charge? 70 is pretty low. Note that this is down below 50% SOC. Plug the car in and let it charge.

Thanx for your reply sir…! Nope, no wrench. Speed Ind. Reads, 000. With key on and petel to the floor the meter reads 70… key off brake down, no beep at all. But use to before it just stopped in the park , and no work since. Key on brake up but no red light, no beep. I will reset as u said. All the lights on dash light up tho. I will reset ,then in a bit put it on charge, thank You…!!

Speed Ind. Reads, 000.

Really? Three zeroes?

All the lights on dash light up tho.

What do you mean by this?

Check your Fuse 10

I mean 000 on dash with key on. Ok, # 10 fuse. Radio mem. Power. Thanx mucho!

What do you expect to learn from this?
Zero volts may or may not indicate contacor is engaged.
It may mean it is stuck on, or just normal precharge.
Follow Byron for a logical test.

Thanx very much for your help! I did the reset and its all the same. Not moving. But the contactor does kick out after about 20 seconds or so while the key is on and im testing with a meter, so yes the contactor just pops back out.

That sounds normal if throttle start switch is not engaged.
Seems contactor is working. You should be testing throttle switch.

Strange - I don’t remember telling you to do this?
I hope you were at least pointing out the garage door!
Again- don’t try random things.

But the contactor does kick out after about 20 seconds

I find this odd because we have not determined what is telling the contactor to Kick IN ?

You did not provide results from the Fuse 10 check?

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Thanx! All fuses are good…
Im just finding out that this Gem is a 99- 2004 per the dealer. Im working on it for a friend. It has original contactor in it that i can see it pull in.
Also the main power switch has connectivity across it when turned off. It also reads 74 volts across it when off. It reads no volrage across it when its turned on, yet the dash lites, and wipers ect work when its turned on.

Stop what your doing.
Byron knows these cars inside and out.
All you need do is follow his instructions and answer questions.
If you aren’t ready for his help, finish smoking parts, and post back here when you want help.

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Its an 99-04.

I approve of sparky’s methods

Bullets are quicker, but he’s gettin’ er done.


Thank you for your help. :+1:so lately i havent worked on it till today. But couldn’t really work on it because now the dash doesn’t even light up. Wipers work, turn signals work also… i did replace the relay and the contactor did click in and stayed connected. The brake switch i replaced also. The unit charges up fine also. It has 76 volts across the pack. No power across the controller tho, even with key on. No dash lights, or numbers lite up. Brake stopped buzzing when taken off, contactor stopped clicking in, all this was working a week ago. So today i come back and all in not working. Btw, this is a 2001 gem…, what is the black rectangular fuse on the front battery with 2 wires coming out of it for?? :thinking: thanx mucho gents!!!


That doesn’t sound stock. All I recall up there is a temp sensor that is a tiny cylinder on the end of a 3/16" ish sized cable

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Ok, thank you! Its strange. Its about 1 inch by 1 half inch. Its attached to the front battery on passenger side with two wires coming from it, and they are plugged into 2 wires going into dash. When unplugged from the other wires i get no continuity.

Tale a picture and trace the wires. Otherwise, I’m just going to tell you its a febbelzer valve.