Control module

Ok I am new to this forum and I have a question. Our GEM car has no power. A mechanic has checked several things and has the Service Manual and has been troubleshooting several things. He has finally come down to the fact that there is well over the 72 volts going into the controller but, nothing coming out on the other side. So…is it safe to say that the controller is probably bad on it? All the batteries have been checked. There is not power to the instrument panel to read any codes or anything. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks

1 take the interlock wires off the charger and jump them. Do you have power

2 Turn switch on - do the horn and lights work? If no you may have an ignition switch problem (common)if yes go to #3

3 Is there power to the #2 wire to the control? If If yes you MAY have a control problem If no check the little black primary relay (you can jump the output wires) This does not show up on the diagram. This was added with the DC/DC converter modification and is in that schematic.

Follow the trouble shooting tree for a T! controller

If the controller is bad Send it to" Flight Systems Industrial Products "
for evaluation and repair. They now accept orders from individuals. Mention you are a member of this forum.

Thank you I have passed this information on to the mechanic. I kind of think he has already tried these things. He has the GEM Service Manual and has been using that.


Check voltages at 23 pin plug before deciding control is bad.