2005 GEM weird problems

My car quit… I took it to a dealer for diagnostics. They said the voltage controller was bad. I found one online (same manufacturer, etc) and replaced that. All was good for a few hours. Then the charger quit charging and showed flashing lights, or no lights, or steady lights in weird configurations. I bought a new charger and installed it. When I took the original one out… the “cord plugged in” light came on and I couldn’t operate the car. When I installed the new charger that light stays on. It appears the batteries got charged, although the charger lights showed yellow 80% light AND #12 light continually. I unplugged the charger but the state of charge indicators on the dash stay on, even after the key is removed. The headlights, etc work when the key is on and go off after the timeout when the key is off. The backup beeper does not sound when the switch is in reverse. Nothing happens with motor when accelerator is depressed.
I am at my wits end… any help you can offer would be great. Thank you.

You have wiring problems. Were the parts you replaced new or used? Download the Delta-Q manual and check your wiring. Shorting the interlock relay across battery voltage will destroy it. Connect the red wire to the green wire to bypass the relay. Check for other wiring problems on the GEM. Try removing fuses, one at a time, to isolate the circuit that contains faults.