Larger GEM DC/DC converter

I have discovered a larger 72 volt DC/DC converter that should work on the GEM. This would be useful for anyone having a large 12 volt accessory load. The factory DC/DC converter puts out 10 amps, which works out to 120 watts. This after market converter puts out 29 amps, which works out to 350 watts. These units are made for diesel locomotives, many of which use a 72 volt battery system for starting and accessory loads. The unit costs $209 and is fan cooled. The website can be found here:
Locoverter: 350-watt Converter


I’m planning on converting the headlights in my 2002 GEM to HID projectors. Even thought the steady draw is only 35 watts, I’m told the startup current draw can be up to 8-9 amps for about 1 second. Do you think the stock converter could handle that load of should I be looking at picking up one of these 30 amp converters?

It would be close. Consider changing the converter’s fast acting fuse to a slow blow fuse. Assuming no accessory load other than the lights, it should work. Converting the other lighting to LED would help. I’m not sure what the baseline current draw is on the motor controller and instrument display.


I was watching an episode of EVTV and they had another good converter. It’s the Kelly HWZ Series DC/DC Converter at

This is a 5.5 pound, 25 Amp, 72V to 13.5V converter for $149. EVTV did tests on this model and loaded it to 40 Amps for 1 hour and voltage and temp were still stable! Seems like a really good choice.

Does the D.C. Converter need to be working in order for LCD screen to come on when key is forward. Also where can I get some of those fuse cap holders

Sure Power says their DC/DC converter is good for 30 Amps.

Thank you for that. Do you know of the D.C. Converter also makes the LCD on the steering come on? Right now when I turn my key forward nothing happens on the screen it’s blank

I believe it does. 12v goes to the switch.