12 volt capacity for Gem 2016-2019

Adding 12 volt accessories to a GEM uses amperage that is supplied by the dc/dc converter. I am wondering what is the max. amperage that can be expected for that converter?

When adding a massive radio system is it best to have a separate high voltage to 12 v. dc/dc converter connected to the main battery pack?

My current system will all lights and radio can get close to 40 amps.
I have stayed way below this because I don’t know what my limit is.
Adding radio amplifiers will make this worse.

I do not see this answer in the Service Manual. If you do please tell me the page.

I don’t know that I would push the Delta Q to 30amps continuous but they state you can.
I personally would install a second DC/DC converter for the stereo.

DC Output 48 VDC 72 VDC
Maximum DC output power 1000 W 1000 W
Maximum DC output current 18 A 12 A
Converter DC Output
No-load power draw < 0.7 W < 0.7 W
Battery DC input voltage range 35-87 V 50-130 V
DC output voltage 13.5 +/- 0.7V
Continuous / peak output current 30 A / 60 A

300 watts or 300/14 amps.
Buffered by the parallel connected aux battery.
No reason you could not use a larger battery or converter.
Or add one for accessories.


Thank you all for this data. It is easy to add an additional dc/dc converter to protect the onboard system.

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Could you tell me which wires to connect the second converter to so that the ignition shuts off all power?

If your Gem has a stand alone Dc converter, You can add a second converter by switching to a Deltaq with a built in dc converter.