Pulling 12v from your system

Hey I’m hooking up my stereo and light bar now and I was wondering what would be the best way to pull 12 volts from the system. I have the Upgraded sure power Dc to Dc converter.

Do you know what wires are keyed 12 volts and what kind of amperage can you draw off that converter


Their rated 30 amps and fused for 15. Later units have a hot lead earlier ones don’t.

I have decided to NOT hook up or draw power from the DC/DC converter. 2 reasons #1 yes the factory DC converter is rated for 30 Amps but I think there is a chance I might get close or over that at times. So I didn’t want to risk $300-$500 for a replacement DC converter if I was to go over and draw to many amps.

#2 I don’t want my acessories taking away any of my range I don’t want running the stereo or having the Lightbar on to make it so I can’t get home.

I have decided to just add a separate battery and small charger tied into my factory 110 wireing in the trunk that will power my Lightbar and Amp and Soundbar. I figured if I blew up a converter I would need to spend $300 on a new on and I would still need to re-wire my system and remove the draw from the converter. So by doing it this way I only have to do it once and If I wanted to I have room to grow as far as draw on the system


How much does your light bar and radio draw?

I have an amp meter on my cart and the lights only draw 2 amps 3 with the brake lights.

I am thinking of adding power steering and I too planned putting a 12 volt battery and charger in the trunk.

Take pictures.


The amp can draw as much as 30
I think the light bar pulls 7 amps
I’m not sure how much the sound bar pulls but I’m guessing between 5-10

AWESOME, you can over power the brothers at the stoplights.

Rodney No that’s not gonna happen. LOL but it should be a bit louder then your dash mounted radio :slight_smile:

Here is a pic of the amp (that powers the sub amp) and the power distribution.

I’m going to run battery cable from the power distribution via battery cables to trunk.
At trunk (behind it) I will have high voltage quick disconnects so that you can still remove the trunk if and when you need to.

Here is what behind the truck looks like where my disconnects are. The blue one is the 12v and the orange one is for the 110 charger in the trunk

You cat see either on when the trunk is on you can only tell from the side