MeanWell DC/DC 100v to 12V converter for Stereo

Looking for some input on the following:

I am wanting to run a stereo and amps off the primary 98v lithium pack using the DC/DC converter in the link below. So as not to have to install a separate 12v car battery and charge it separately.

Yes, I know the onboard DC/DC can do 20 - 30 amps but I have other things planned for those amps (lights, camera, etc)

I am concerned with the possibility of ground loop noise or other interference not being the primary ground of the cart.

Has anyone done this? Should I be concerned about feedback/whine?
Any input is welcome.

Wow, that is a neat converter. I don’t understand the low price for a meanwell.
Common practice is grounding 12v systems to frame. Don’t see a problem trying it both ways. Isolated or grounded.
Now if you could find a dc-ac with a wide range input.

Agreed, MeanWell makes good stuff from my past expericances in saltwater tanks and LED drivers.
What would you use the DC to AC for?

Ac outlets on car for power tools etc.

You mean something like this?

Yes, but wider input range.