9 volts out of DC to DC converter

My headlights are not working at full strength. And when I put a bolt meter on them they are showing 9 volts at them. Same Go’s for the 12 volt accessory out of the DC to DC converter.

We had swapped out a know working DC to DC converter and we had the same 9 volt output.

The grounds are good to go. Any tips

Whats the open circuit voltage - no load.

Sorry I don’t understand.

What is the output voltage of your converter with nothing turned on. Is this a new condition or something you just noticed. Do you have aftermarket lights etc. The DC/DC converter is sized for stock load without much reserve.

The condition developed after I installed my charger incorrectly so I think I zapped somthing. The output of the converter is still 9volts with nothing turned on.

You know what you gotta do.

No I don’t that’s why I’m posting here.

This is my voltage with no load on the DC converter

This is my Voltage with the Headlighs ON

did you check input voltage?

No. I did not check Imput voltage, what Pins or wires do I need to check

Do you have a picture or model number?
Send it to me if it’s bad.
Shouldn’t be too hard to fix if it’s just out of regulation.
Possible adjustment inside.
Or overheated current shunt resistor inside.

It’s VERY possible I shorted or burned something up inside it. All this started after I did the the Dammage to my Delta q charger by hooking up the 72 volt innerlock to ground. Is it possible that the interlock Relay you set up for me is playing havoc on 12 volt system?
Remember my car needs a Ground for the innerlock to work.

Here is a pic of my converter.


We tryed taking the converter out of another working car and plugged it in and still same result

Sure power! I think that’s the one Rodney gave me a schematic for.
I’ll check.

This shows connections.
Maybe the 12v to unswitched loads is loaded down or shorted.
Should have 12v without key on.

Dave if you could let me know what wire should be input voltage that would be great

Pin 1=72B- (not grd)
Pin 12=72B+
Pin 9+10= 12v+ always on (limited power for radio)
Pin 7+8= 12v+ on with key
Pin 4+5+6 12v ground
Pin 3= 12v+ from key (turns on 7+8)

Thank you David :
So what should the voltages be at the respective pin numbers
And what does it mean when you say this 9+10 = 12

I’ll edit.
Pin numbers.
Pin 9 and pin 10 are both +12vdc