Best Approach to add a 12v power source

I’m wondering if anyone has some advice on the best approach to adding a 12v power supply. Are there empty slots in the fuse panel? Maybe I should use the available radio power source (I don’t have a radio now) we just did a holiday parade and I hooked up a small inverter to one of the batteries (to run the lights and blow up dog) under the hood but don’t honk that’s a good solution and looking for recommendations.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Fuzzylogic,

My opinion depends on the load of the parade lights and blow up dog. If it is a small load you may be able to get away with plugging an inverter into the existing GEM 12 volt system (using the existing DC-DC converter). If you have more of a load or are thinking you may add more of a load in the future, I would personally add another 72 volt DC-DC converter to your GEM/battery pack. This may avoid placing too much load on the standard GEM DC-DC converter. Then, attach an appropriate wattage power inverter to this new DC-DC converter. You can add a switch and fuse, and place this DC-DC converter anywhere that is convenient in your GEM.

I’m personally not a fan of putting an inverter load on a single battery or part of the pack. My suggestion is not the cheapest solution but it is better to load the pack evenly.

How much current/power do you need to support?


Just read down the forum and saw a good post of some more powerful DC/DC converters. Something like that would work for you. You can but you don’t have to replace the GEM DC-DC converter. An alternative is to make this a supplemental converter, separating your GEM electrical system (GEM converter) from your parade needs.

Should have read down before responding.


The OEM inverter is capable of handling a bit more than the installed equipment. What additional load are you planning on?


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Hi Guys,
I don’t think I’ll need much more than what the OEM inverter can handle. Mostly I’ll be attaching some led xmas type lights and likely another blow up dog. Do you know where I access the existing 12v power source? I don’t have a radio now and thought there was a spot on the inverter just not sure where or how to access. Sorry for the long time between posts. I gave up after last xmas and now just getting ready again.

For a temporay hook up connect your 110 volt inverter to any one battery. your load isnt that much. I have a 400 watt inverter and power my seasonal lighting with it every year. Remember “KISS”

Thanks KISS indeed. I do have a small 400 inverter and that’s exactly what I did last year. That said I would like to more permanently add some under carriage led lighting to a switch in the dash. Do you guys know where I can access that 12v power source? Is there a wiring diagram or something?

I just saw thispost sorry the reply is late, Most LED Christmas lights are 12V. They use an in line 110V/12V inverter. I took that line inverter out and wired mine directly through a switch. My switch is a RBGW remote. I will post a few new pics in Feb. I am currently redoing all my lights, in cabin and under car with these.
They are completely water proof and have waterproof connectors (make sure you buy the right ones). We use them on cars and motorcycles so adding them to my gem with be easy. I have white only on my gem now but want to switch to the full spectrum color options. I remove the double sided tape that comes on the strip and used a high quality trim 3M trim tape after cleaning the area with denatured alcohol. The whites have been on for 2 years with out any issues.

I will be adding about 40 feet of lights once I do the under carriage and interior. These are amazingly easy to use. Cant help with the blow up dog.