Electric boat at Auction in MN (slightly of topic but it is electric)


For you guys in MN, Here is neat looking ELECTRIC toy…

That’s interesting. In my opinion it’s a glorified kids paddle boat with a Electric fishing motor in it.

I can’t wait for boat makers to offer a all electric option in a current line of boats I’ll explaine.

Boats are diffrent from cars in the way that the boat makers 99% of them don’t make the power plant.
The boat makes make the boat and then they buy a motor package and install it in the boat. From a 3 party vendor.

So if you want a electric boat your only choices are these cheep light weigh flimsy 1/2 breeds. I wish someone would come up with a motor/battery package that boat makers could add in or substitute for the current line up of motor packages.

Example I live on a relative small body of water and for 75% of us here we could get away with a all electric 5mph boat for just relaxing. No way am I gonna step out of my current gas powerd pontoon boat to step into a el Cheepo all electric boat like the one in the photos. Would I ditch my 320 hp gas motor for a all electric package hell yes. It would be cool. My guess is another 5-10 years and we will be there.

I believe there are electric outboards. Rodney has an electric boat.
I haven’t searched for a while.
That boat is only 90 minutes away.

I lived int he bay area for a while. Most of the small city area lakes are no wake, no gas motor. Duffy Boats owns the electric boat market. They are very cool, not fast but made for evening cruising. I really want to buy one once we returned to TX for Lake Austin. Same issue here for boats as for my GEM. Not enough range to cover the distance in our lakes. Texas is just big. Still-If I was to buy another lakefront house, I think I would buy a Duffy.

The Duffy’s are cool but In my opinion they lack style. They are a Water Taxi and that’s about it. Great protection from the weather etc. but lacking in ability to get in and out of the water like a traditional boat, I can see how they have a place in the market

Agreed, the functionality of actually getting in and out of the water is what killed me from pursuing it further. I like the finish out but they are a little to Mr and Mrs Thurston Howell III for my taste…