454 To Electric? Twins on a Boat

Can anyone, someone please tell me where to begin?
Im a newbie to electric power other then the hoverboards I use to sell before they flopped. Haha
Ive got a 345 Sea Ray with twin 454’s in it. Salt water boat. Its the second set in the boat since 1988.
I want to figure it all out, to run her with electric power vs putting in new 30gallons per hoir consumption gas hogs back in.
Can anyone give me some advice or direction?

Do you want the boat to get up on plane?
Over 1 hour run time?

Yes of course lol
I would love for it to not only get up on plane but get a better top speed. From your response it’s probably a big deal with big money and big issues right

Yes, not feasable. Imo.

500hp is 400kw 400kwh to run for an hour.
That is 10 x complete 40kwh leaf batteries.
Maybe $60k from salvage market.

A 200kw brusa motor is $21k

Im working with a company in florida making a planing e-boat.
Search e-class boats.

Curious, is it because of electric everything is becoming so mainstream? Like when the first flat screens came out and they where like $6,000.00.
Now they are like $300.
So, with the torque and speed of a Tesla, why could you not take those same batteries and motor configurations and install them in “my” boat?
Sorry I am just not a technicality knowledgable guy…yet. Im learning :wink:
Thank you… going to watch that video now :+1:

Hi Wardy, I’m learning as much as I can now about electric boat motors and batteries also. I’m interested more in electric drives for sailboats, but interested in powerboats also.

You are right that costs are getting cheaper for electric. see this bloomberg report on lithium costs going below $100/KwH as early as 2020:

Basing this on what Inwo says: you will need 2x 200kw motors costing $21,000 each. and then a battery bank of 400KwH.
As a consumer you could imagine buying battery packs at maybe double what they cost to produce, so that you could outfit your boat with a 400KwH battery setup for about $80,000 .

So that could cost you $142,000 . I’m curious, what is the price range you are looking to spend on a project like that?