Electric Boat or Plane

Do you think there will ever be an electric boat or plane for the market?

Not sure about “for the market” but have seriously considered converting my cabin cruiser to run electric only. For now I have a brand new Chevy based 350 that is a strong performer. The way Lithium has changed the game who knows what the next few years will bring?

As and when electric powered vehicles become more developed it would seem inevitable that the technology associated with these is then transferred to areas such as electric boats or electric planes. Indeed, there are already electric boats and electric planes out there although they are nowhere near the mass market as yet.

True Mark. I’m aware of a gentleman that is taking essentially large sailing catamarans without the mast installed and is creating 100% solar powered cruising boats. No petroleum on board whatsoever. LiFePO4 cells provide the power for electric propulsion motors and the rest of the very luxurious boat. Sitting at anchor for a week off the islands not only do you enjoy all the comforts of home but store enough power to cruise about 100 miles to your next destination.

The wave of the future for cruising boats for sure IMO.

Something on a far less grand of scale is what I envision for my 27’ Owens. My shore power cord is plugged in 24/7 at the berth. It would be great to use that shore power connection to charge a bank of LiFePO4 cells sitting where my 50 gallon fuel tank currently sits. Should be able to power my boat for a day of slow cruising and stay away from the fuel dock permanently.


Hi Craig

When you look at the electric car industry, and indeed electric plane and electric boat industries, you do get the impression that governments and companies do not promote them enough to the wider public. In many cases the technology is there, it does need improving, but there is certainly scope for more promotion and more advertising which will only lead to greater sales.

I’ve been to monte negro and 've seen an electric boat at the price of $150k.

Hi Gentlemen

What kind of electric boat did you see in Montenegro?

I’m sure that you’ll start seeing both becoming more and more popular especially as battery tech gets better and better.

There have been lots of rumors about electric aircraft (starting to pop up in the private sector) , and there are already solar powered boats out there. A mostly solar powered boat just made a global trip around the world not too long ago.

Electric outboard motors are nothing new. I’ve got one and they are brilliant for inland waterways and local coastal work. I’ve got a 100w motor for inland waterways, which allows me to push my aluminium day boat along at 3-4 knots. No vibration from the engine, which makes it really relaxing, and I’m travelling in silence, which means I can get right up close to the wildlife and they ignore me. Brilliant.

You need something with a bit more oompf for the sea. A 500w motor is fine for speeds of up to around 10-12 knots on a simple boat, and the motors are as cheap as chips. So long as you don’t want a sports boat and just want to muck about on the water, electric is definitely the way to go.

There is an electric plane on the market, but it is expensive and not particularly good. However, there are electric motor kits for gliders that allow you to take off and extend your gliding time by firing up a motor every few minutes. Not tried one myself, but they seem to be well liked - again, because they are silent, which is part of the pleasure of gliding.

Hello folks !

I have studied a small electric/solar aeroplane that would be around 20 000 usd to make.

Ask if interested.



Would love an electric boat that was affordable.

electric Plane’s are big buck Engineering exersizes. A guy in Tavares Florida has 3 Duffy Electric boats for sale at a fair price. Probably one of the better built electric boats. Beautiful to look at too.