Solar Panels for Duffy Electric Boat


I am purchasing a Duffy Electric Boat

I would like to charge this using solar panels.
Does anyone have any guidance or suggestions about how to set this up.
It is 6 connected batteries in a bank.
Hooked up on 120v 15 amp.

Please provide any guideance

You will never recover your investment. If you want to do it for the excercize go for it. I t does work but Duffy’s are so cheap to operate it’s really not practical. I sold my solar set up to a guy with a bass boat with a 12volt system and he keeps his batteries up when not fishing.

Loved my Duffy but now have a Regal that does 50+ MPH.

Keep us up to date


Thanks for your reply. I have decided to stay with my 10 hp gas boat. Our lake limits to 10 hp and I though it would be nice to convert to electric Duffy, but it just does not seem to make sense.