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I just purchased new Deka AGM batteries 105ah with my GEM Delta-Q charger. These batteries replaced some older Deka Gel batteries. Charging code in the charger was set at 14 (Deka gel) so I bought a programmer to change the profile to an AGM profile from the Delta-Q web site. Tried profile 42 but only got double flashing red lights when charging, went back to 14 and it appears to be charging normally. I wonder if profile 42 is corrupt or not compatible with my firmware. Do you have any other AGM profiles that you would suggest I try?

Gem chargers do not support agm.
You would need to update sw to non-gem for agm profiles to work.

Go to code 13 flooded. Your charger will have that code available. If you leave it on 14 your batteries will lose half their range in 6 months.

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Thanks Inow and Old-Houseboater!

My charger has software version 2.12. Just noticed that the downloadable profiles for the Quick-Q charger are only good with version 3.6 or later which I think explains the issue I was experiencing with the downloaded profiles! The programmer I purchased seems to have the capability of both uploading new profiles and system software. Any experience with anyone updating their “Gem” charger to a newer software version 3.6 or greater and would doing so disable any other features on the GEM?

I thought I had read that flooded profiles will overcharge and damage AGM batteries. Have others used profile 13 (flooded) on AGM batteries with good results? That would clearly be the easiest solution, but still a little uneasy about using a non- AGM specific profile.

V1_26_0.enc works with all the lead profiles
Actually they work in anything but Gem.
Did you buy the programmer for one time use?

We’ve had the GEM for 10+ years and I’ve pretty much rebuilt the entire thing so I expect to have it for another 10+. Figured I would bite the bullet and get a charger for the inevitable battery changes over this time frame. The tap method is way to frustrating for me (never could get it to work) and I figure by having a programmer I can help others in the San Diego area with a Delta-Q charger who might need reprogramming from time to time.

Flooded is recommended for AGM when AGM profile is not available. Gel setting is not strong enough an AGM or Flooded on GEL setting gradually lose capacity.

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The factory Gem Gel setting #14 will finish balance your batteries @16v each . No that is not a misprint , 16v each . One of my Gems was a rental had over 10,000 miles on it with the original factory gel batteries . I took them out to do a lithium conversion (24hrs after I got the gem :slight_smile: and installed them in a friends gen 2 years ago . They are still working , but finally lost a lot of range . So the gel algorithm seems to be a good one .

But I don’t think AGM batteries like the high finish voltage .

FYI , Deltaq has multiple agm profiles . If you can try and get the one for your batteries (east penn agm)

What do you recommend for 25s life?
I’ll invite you to the thread.

The tests i di showed the gel setting worked for 25s lfp cells . But that was that charger with those cells . Don’t know how it would act in another scenario .

@DougK. Can you lend device to @grantwest?

Happy to lend it with deposit to ensure I get it back. I’m in San Diego. Can arrange a pick up if that works.

Send me your Pay Pal and I’ll send your a Deposit.

Hey Doug I need to borrow that delta q Reprogram or let me know what it’s going to take

Do you have phone # for getting a Delta charger rebuild as , I have a 200 e825 withers a Delta 910- 7200 need rebuilt.

FSIP rebuilds them. I believe the cost is as much as new, but it will have the same profiles and leads.

Doug…I would like to borrow your programmer…I’m in San Marcos.

I could certainly use your help with programming…the tap method is just not working for me…I live in San Marcos.

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