Delta-q QuiQ charger for 2018 Gem

I upgraded my 2018 Gem to lithium batteries and replaced the charger with one provided by the battery manufacturer. So, I have this charger (Model 912-4854-05; Input 100-240V–50-60Hz; 12-6A; Output 48’V-18A; Battery Lead Acid 24 Cell 50-360Ah) sitting in my garage that could be used by someone. $100 plus shipping.

I’ll take it.
I’ll pm my shipping info.
Ironically, these make the best lithium chargers.


I can ship it tomorrow…The guy I bought the batteries from insisted that I use their charger. Live and learn.

Sorry I’ve been busy with battery support. I lost you Venmo info.

Not everyone caters to Gem owners.



Paid $125
Charger fits in flat rate USPS large box.
Let me know if that works.

I’ll take it to the post office this morning.

Never got your shipping info

I was in the pm. I’ll bump it.

Still don’t have it. Email me at please. On my way to Post Office now

@TheVillager - Look upper right of your screen. Your avatar might show you have PMessage waiting…

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Hello all if there is another one available I am looking for one too. Model number on one I have to replace is 912 4854 05B not sure why the B makes a difference

@cantd14 - I’m curious…
Why do you feel you need a new one?
What seems to be your problem?
(feel free to start a new thread/topic)

Good morning Assy required,

This particular vehicle was charging, but not charging the aux battery under the dash. I tried putting a new DCDC converter into the GEM and it started charging the aux battery and the batteries in the back. I thought problem solved, but a couple days later the GEM died again. The aux battery was dead. Do you think it could be something different?

Never mind- I see it.

It’s not the charger. The dc converter charges the aux battery.
Through the converter relay.

Put a meter on the aux battery. Voltage should rise when turning on key.
Disconnect aux battery and car should continue to run using the dc converter only.
Aux battery only used to boot bmc and ecm.

Thank you I will let you know what happens