Charger choice?

I apologize if I am redundant here but looks like I may be purchasing a new charger for my 2001 Gem 4 pass. It has six gel cell batteries. Would you experienced owners out there please recommend a charger that you feel is the best choice? What about the one that says it dosent lock out if the battery voltage goes too low and does not require a manual charge on each battery to get it going again? Is it worth the extra $250.00?

Thanks in advance


Easy answer. Quick Charge!!!

NOTE: Late model GEMS have the DC/DC converter built into the Charger. You don’t have a choice there.

NOTE 2: I handle DeltaQ rebuilds Flat rate $300 No modifications

Thanks for the answer OH. Still unfamiliar with these cars I was able to get under the “dash” and find I have a QuiQ charger. Looks like it is newer than the car and different than one mentioned in a previous response. I am assuming I have a replacement here. Is this the “Quick Charge” you mentioned?

This one seems to come with a remote, which I do not have. Do I need it, or is there a work around?

I also see an error code which seems to indicate a bad or shorted battery, 4 flashes, so while I am out checking battery voltage can anyone offer any advice or tell me if I am on the right track.

Again I would not have gotten this far were it not for all your help and all of your threads I have been reading so…Thanks.


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