Gem issues

I just purchased a 2009 gem e2. Needed batteries which I replaced with crown along with new cables because of corrosion problems. Checked all the batteries individually before installing and they all ranged between 12.3 to 12.5.

Factory charger must have died prior to the purchase because an aftermarket has been installed, brand is Quick Charge. Charger goes thru a 12 hour cycle when plugged in with a red light when batts below 20%, yellow light from 20 to 80% and then green light when fully charged. When plugged in it starts at red but is only on red for about 5 seconds and switches to yellow. After the 12 hours it flashes yellow which means batts did not reach at least 80% charge.

Checked the battery voltage again all individually and now reading between 13.3 and 13.5%, so it appears that charger is working. The cart will move, the problem is the lcd screen only shows 1 red bar of charge, so it is showing the batteries are dead. No codes showing up on screen and no warning lights on. Please help

Looks like prior owner was trying to save some $$ by not using Gem charger replacement. The Quick Carger is less expensive and is usually “made to order” for either 10 amp or 20 amp and one model is programmable. Were old batteries wet cell AGM or sealed gel? If new batteries are different this could be a problem.These chargers are usually wired direct and by-pass Gem circuits for charge detection. You can never tell if one of us part timers has modified the system though. I suggest you get model number and serial number from the charger and call Quick Charger Tech line at 541-582-4629 Mon/Fri. and ask for their help. Keep us posted for future reference.

They are the same batts that were in it when purchased and previous owner told me the charge indicator on the lcd screen worked. The weird thing is the first 12 hour cycle moved the charge bar one, ran a second and it moved one additional bar again, did a third and it went back down to I bar of charge. Agree the quick charge is cheaper than factory but more expensive doesn’t mean better. It is well known that the factory charger is junk and fails all the time so I’m not to disappointed that an aftermarket was installed and it appears to have been installed by professional. I will call quick charge tomorrow and post what they have to say.

I’ve now owned 2 different Gem cars for a total of 6 years and never had a problem with a charger. I don’t seem to see any unusual failure activity on this or other forums pertaining to factory chargers and this is the first time I have seen them referred to as “junk”. I 'm just not a fan of the Quick Charge and the way they have to be installed. Good luck with the factory Tech.

the factory Deltaq is an excellent charger , but so is the quick charger . they are VERY good . lots of people use the quick charger as a replacement if the factory dies . I have never heard of a quick charger going bad.

the dash indicator has nothing to do with the charger . it is just a voltage gauge . it appears yours is just out of calibration . you need to charger your pack up. then wait about 3 hours and check each battery .they should all be with in .1v of each other . ( above 12.9v) if so then perform a state of charge recalibration (soc) the procedure is posted on this forum . it you cant find it let me know and I well get it for you , it easy on a 2005+ gem