2009 gem e2 charger questions

Hi,I just acquired my second gem. It’s a 2009 e2. Of course all the batteries are dead and before i invest good money in this vehicle I have a few questions about the charger. My 2015 gem has the delta q charger. The 2009 has a sure power industries model 71030i. Is that the correct charger. And if it is, is there a way to test it with dead batteries.If I can’t test it with bad batteries I can use the batteries from my 2015 gem. What would the testing procedure be. Also is there a direct replacement for the sure power charger.

I just acquired my second gem. >> snip<< and before i invest good money in this vehicle…

THIS - Is funny. Did you not learn from your first Gem?

That box marked sure power industries model 71030i is actually your DC/DC converter. It most likely has a Delta Q in there. It hangs out under the controller shelf. Look for a yellow box with black fins.

Batteries: What are they? How dead is dead? Put a meter on them and see where they are. Depending on their age it might be at least worth an attempt.

You may think they are dead because they might be below the lower threshold for the charger to recognize them as valid.

Use an automotive 12v charger and boost them up one at a time and take another reading with your meter. Then try your onboard charger again just to see where you stand. When boosting individually like this, I find it best to disconnect one of the battery wires (any one) to break the loop. Or at least shut off the main breaker at the bottom of your fuse panel.

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Thanks for the fast reply. I just read about the dc/dc converter. I am going to try and charge them one at a time and see what happens. The yellow charger is not under the shelf,so I’ll look under the dash. So I take it this was a factory recall conversion.Main reason I bought it was for the stake box and bumpers that I put on my 2015. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Best regards,Tom

Probably not a recall thing, That is what my 09 came with.
It also sounds like the charger was robbed out of it. If your car still has the charger plug in the nose, follow the wires out of the backside and see where they go. They probably stop up by the brake cyl.

I guess it may be possible the PO moved it somewhere else.

It was under the shelf. Had a hard time getting my old butt in the right location to see it. It has the delta q 7200. Charging one battery now. When I plugged it in it went through the self test. Looks like it failed because battery voltage too low. I was told that it sat for 3 years not plugged in. Came from Ohio county,Kentucky sheriffs, they got it from military surplus. That leads me to another question,this one has no title or vin number. Is that because it was a government vehicle. I found a tag under the seat with a number 48670. Is there a place that I can run this number. Thanks

Oooo… Sometimes registration issues can be tough depending on which state you live in. That may be a serial number of the car, but normally a full vin tag is on the rooftop above the driver’s head. Being from Govt surplus I am not sure what they gave it. Hopefully you also have some sort of paper trail that came with the car? A Statement of Origin? Bill of sale?

Ya the sheriffs office gave me a bill of sale. I found the sticker. I’m not worried about a title too much.I can get one through title king express out of Florida.I’ll probably sell it to be used in a campground or neighborhood. I got it very reasonable and if all I have to do is put some batteries in it, I’ll do ok on it. Plus I got the bumpers and box. I’ll let you know how it comes out. Thank you for your time and knowledge. Best regards,Tom

I’ve done 2 gem cars and a golf cart in CA without titles and I was surprised how easy it is to get one. You just need a certified vin inspector to verify the car, file the paperwork, and you’re good. All of them had the VIN or serial number visible…not sure what you’d do if the VIN sticker on the roof is missing. I’m sure this varies from state to state but it’s pretty easy in California.

Side but related ask, has anyone done a Montana LLC registration for their cart? I’m not sure I’d want to do it for my daily driver but my project cars, that I plan to eventually sell anyway, could be a way to lesson the registration fees and taxes.