2002 E825 Value

Just getting ready to sell my 02. I have owned this vehicle since 2011. It has gel batteries that are about 3 years old and have a range of more than 20 miles. I have a trunk and a golf club holder for the back. The car is nice and clean but does not have a working DC Converter. Just wondering if someone can give me a rough estimate of what I should be asking for this car???

Without the 12V DC-DC converter working there will be no headlights, no brake lights and no horn so it will not be street legal nor safe for the street. Most people will be scared off by that and not want to touch it so if you want more than $1000 for it, I recommend fixing the DC-DC converter problem.


What kind of DC inverter is required for Gell batteries. I installed new ones but the charger doesn’t keep them charged and the vehicle won’t run. What type charger is required, cost, and how to access?
Thanks jerrystephens364

I have quiq-dci chargers.
Gel charger with built in dc-dc converter.

I suspect the problem I am encountering on a 2001 GEM with new Gel batteries, is the charger is overcharging the batteries causing them to fail and not energizing the GEM to run or power up. Is that correct? Will this charge fix that problem? How do I get access to it to replace?
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Is this designed for GEM 72 volt system, or just an 12 volt charger for Gel batteries?
Jerry Stephens

Generic Delta-Q 72v charger.

Do you have knowledge this charger is compatible with an older gen GEM.
Are there settings on the charger for C and G? Lights?

The DQ are programmed for battery type.
Changing charger brands requires wiring changes for the interlock circuit.

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First thing first… you should check the vin to see if the dc-to-dc converter has an open recall. If it does, take it to the dealer and it should be replaced for free.

I picked up a 2002 where the owner couldn’t get it working because of the converter. Towed it to the dealer and was back in business. I got a screaming deal for it.

Ps… here’s the recall you’d be looking for

Recall Summary


Recall Number: L-11-05

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Dealer Contact

Contact your local dealer to schedule a service appointment. Access our Dealer Locator.

Consumer Contact

Contact Polaris toll-free at 1-800-POLARIS (765-2747) from 7a.m. to 7p.m CST Monday through Friday, or online at http://www.polaris.com/en-us/recalls.

Service Completed: APPLIED

This very helpful information.
Unfortunately the recall website didn’t accept my VIN, and it only appears to apply to cycles (GEM not listed).

I was able to install new Gel batteries and it ran fine for one run around the block… discharged to 90 and wouldn’t run. The charger is incorrect and won’t charge the batteries correctly.

Does the OEM replacement charger require any rewiring of will the coupler connect properly without modification? I assume you can get access to the charge behind the two batteries in front. Correct?
Jerrry Stephens

Thanks Erniea. I’m fairly confident since the GEM as purchased new and has been housed in the garage for 17 years that it was never replaced, so that info is very helpful. I’ll follow up with a Polarius dealer near Austin, TX.

Everyone on this blog has been extraordinarily helpful clearing up my confusion about nomenclature and procedure to access the charger and inverter.
Thanks, Jerry

Rich, just got an E825 & can’t find the vin anywhere, not on dash behind steering wheel or on the underside of the roof, any other ideas? Yes