Battery & Chargers

I have a 2001 GEM, model E825 in which I replaced acid batteries with Gells ($1400). However, the batteries continue to fail with bad cells within a month with a high two-tone pitch emitted from the vehicle. Replacing with fully charged new batteries results in a single high pitched signal, but no lights or power to motor.

Could the problem be the charger is not designed for Gells and it is preventing the vehicle from operating?

What is the correct charger manufacturer and part number? Source? Apx Cost? Removal procedure?

Your help will be sincerely appreciated.


Does any one have a good diagram of rewiring the batteries in an 09 e4 …the driver side rear neg side goes home run to the charger …what battery is the positive home run …is it on of the two under the storage box ?? Thanks guys

Someone responded with a gel charger for my GEM for $465, but the message has disappeared.
Please resend with your contact information.
Jerry Stephens

I have new delta-Q chargers for $350.