New Batteries - no power

I am trying to understand the problem with my GEM car and find a reliable dealer to repair it.

I had the gel batteries in my 2006 E2 replaced and it worked fine for a while. I did not drive it for a couple of months and it lost complete power the other day. The error code says #15 - low power. I don’t know why that has happened nor where I can get it fixed. I live in Altadena California.


This could indicate a Charger problem but if it hasn’t run since setting do the following.

You left it set with out recharging the batteries. A battery vehicle will lose 1 to 1 1/2 %+ charge per day.

When your batteries get below a certain level the onboard charger wont kick in.

What you have to do is charge EACH battery for 2 hours with a regular 12 volt automotive charger. This will bring the pack voltage up to a level where the onboard charger will kick in, In 8 hours you should be in good shape. If not you may have other issues.

Strongly you set aside 2 or 3 hours and read ALL the posts in the GEM sub forum. This will be an education for questions that will come up in the future.


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I checked two batteries and they were 9 both volts.
I assume I do not need to disconnect each battery to charge it. right?

Thats correct

I have had a charger on one batter for several hours at 10 amps and it remains at 9 volts. These are gel batteries. Does that matter? Any advice?

Are you sure the charger is putting out. The voltage should have changed. shut off your main switch on the cart and try again.


I assume I should then leave the main switch off. right?

until you give all 6 batteries a shot

Try a different battery


Use a dumb charger. A smart charger won’t charge dead battery. As your Gem one.

Well, I am unable to charge the batteries. No matter how long i leave the charger, the batteries remain at 9 volts.

I don’t think your charger is working. try jumping off your truck or car.If you have a newer electronic charger it might not start on a dead battery,

I can’t jump off a Prius.
A “dumb” has been suggested. Do you think that is safe?

What charger are you using?
Any indicator lights or amp gauge?

Sorry, I see you are charging at 10 amps.:o

If batteries are good it will take 10 hrs each to charge at 10 amps. Should have come back to 12v in a couple hrs.
If meter is correct, looks like bad batteries. Very strange that all are the same.

A “dumb” (old transformer charger) is what you need. 5 bucks at a yard sale.

A “dumb” battery has been suggested. Do you think that is safe?


The smarter the battery the more sensitive it is:D)