Sudden lose of power

My 2007 GEM has 1 year old batteries and has been working fine. It now has sudden lose of power & goes from full battery charge to no bars.

The most common problem with GEMs is a bad battery. Even though the batteries are fairly new one or more may have gone bad. Assuming you have friends (I don’t, lol) you have to check each battery one by one with a volt meter. Charge the car up and hook the meter up and floor the car (drive it) and see how low each battery goes. If there is one that drops a lot lower than the others it is probably bad. See if you have any warranties on the batteries. Also while the car is plugged in look under the drivers side front fender and look for the yellow battery charger. If after the car is supposedly done charging are there any red lights blinking at you? Oh. Be afraid (actually careful) because you are doing these tests while the 72 volts are live. Report back and maybe the forum gurus can help some more. I’m not an electrical guru. Just the first to answer back. The others will correct the wrong things I told you. Trust them. Have a Gem of a day, Barry, Chico,CA.

Check all connections for bright and tight, Did you get any error codes (15)?

yes, error code 15

15 means low voltage Clean and tighten All battery circuit connections.

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