Bolt Lithium upgrade 2.0

Well I’m at it again . I have done multiple Gem lithium installs , Leaf , Lto , Lifepo4 . All have been good with their different advantages . One of my personal Gems had A 27s green battery Lifepo4 set up , loved it . Ran great , good range and acted like a factory install . But I bought a Chevy bolt pack and have been looking at it telling myself " you love your Gem the way it is , Don’t even think about it " Well testing is what I do so out came a wonderful setup and now a new project begins . Gwest runs a Bolt pack and loves it . He has 2 10s modules and a 4s add on module for 24s , Nice setup . I decided to do mine different . 3 8s modules stacked on top of each other and stuffing them between the frame rails .

This setup has to be put in module by module so it required a little planning when it came to the wiring harness . Also some of the clearances are less then 1/2" , hope this works , I have a lot of time in this already . Today the first module got fit . First attempt didn’t fit . A few changes and it dropped in between the rails .

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Interested in your results with the green 27s could you share what kind of range you got with that setup how much monitoring is involved ect.

Right on Mike, hope you get your 24 cell running soon. Your gonna love it. Your install seem a bit more complicated but it should be cleaner image|666x500

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Keep it coming! Kind of lonely on here.:sleeping:

You have another Bolt pack to sell?
I have an extra Bolt myself, plus a bunch of tested green cells.


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Once you go 24 Cell BOLT you will never play with anything else (untill somthing better comes along) Aka “Tesla 3 battery”:slight_smile:

Grant , Yours looks really clean . Looks like it came from the factory that way .

Dave I do have a set for sale

That’s what I thought, a better deal than mine if someone wants to play along.
Are you using the Bluetooth balancer?

Yes ,I’m using the Bluetooth balancer . Would be a lot easier with the 20 cell all in one module . Found an easy way to connect balance leads . Will post a picture

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I have a feeling I’ll be next. :slight_smile:

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There are 3 of these black plastic rivets , drilled the head off one and then drilled a small starter hole . super easy .

Easy for you to do! You’ve seen the belly of the beast. :slight_smile: I had no idea what was below the rivets.
Great idea. Allows cutting the leads to proper length for a neat install.

You got Balls Mike. I would Not wanna run a screw threw that section or drill. But done right with skilled hands drilling threw the tab should be no problem. I just felt more comfortable with solder I thought it was a more reliable connection seeing how “redoing” a balance lead would have me have to remove the entire battery if it was a connection at the bottom.

one of the cells is taken apart so i could see what is behind it and how much room there is .

Module 2 is in . #3 is going to be tight .

Houston , We have a problem .

Slide the middle layer forward so the top one will drop lower in the rear.
May have to block the front of the middle one up also until the top module is under the seat lip.

If that doesn’t work can you slide it in from the back if you remove the rear spat?

Got it in , just fits .Now need to move on to securing it into place . Getting close .

Way cool. I don’t understand much about battery charge and controllers but…


I live in SOCAL How can I get this done ?