2014 Bolt Install Pictures

Have to give huge thanks to @LithiumGods, without his help this never would have happened so smoothly. Long story short I own a 2002 with 28 of @Inwo green cells with a BMS. My install went perfect and is still going strong. I did the same install on my friends 2014 and dont ask me how, he killed the cells. Now on to the Bolt install…

Sorry in advance for the crudeness of this tutorial, not my strong point. If you have any questions please reach out to me and I will try to explain.

Battery was shipped to me, two 10c and one 4c packs.

I joined a 10c and 4c section with all thread and placed the other 10c pack on top with toolbox liner between the packs. 1"x1/8" aluminum was used to joint the packs top to bottom through the all thread. I didnt have a piece of starboard big enough on hand so I just cut down a small piece of plywood to mount the 24s Active Balance Unit.

Each cell has 3 plastic rivets. The center rivet head was carefully drilled off to the copper plate leaving the rivet stud behind. Each rivet stud was drilled to accommodate the 3/8" stainless screw which held each balance lead. There is some removal of plastic to be able to neatly run wires under the provided plastic covers. Simply grab with needle nose twist off.

A positive post needed to be made on the 4c pack. I simply bent up a copper L from a 3/4" copper coupling. Drilled and bolted to the plastic housing of the battery.

Next I framed simple boxes and a cover for the battery compartment out of pine and plywood. Prong T-nuts were used to bolt the pack to the plywood base.

Trim down the seat reinforcement, paint up the plywood and slide it in!

Now for the numbers…you can be the judge. Inital charge with profile 116 from @LithiumGods

And a quick 10 mile run to drop the car off.

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Very nice.
Showing again that “Bolt” is the ultimate Gem battery.
Plywood is a nice material to work with for most anything.

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Nice, @chris1! I’m starting the same project on my E6S. I picked up the Bolt cells from Mike last week. Picking up stainless threaded rod, plastic panels and aluminum bar stock from Grainger later this week. Planning to do some painting and other projects as well so it might be offline for a bit but I’m anxious to get it back on the road and test these cells out.

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Chris , Nice job . I’m going to be doing a Bolt upgrade for a friend of mine in the next 2 weeks and will probably install it like yours . One thing to clarify . You have 2 , 10s modules and a 4s module for a total of 24 cells .

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And to think I’ve been staring at that app with 24 cells every day for the last two weeks. Corrected the original post.

Could the plywood end cap be double wide, connecting top and bottom modules?
The steel bracket over the wood.

Absolutely, you would just need to build it off the metal end bracket with some sort of a standoff or a washer

I was thinking the bracket moved out over top of plywood. But either way.

One thing I wanted to clarify was the joining of the packs and how to “finish” or protect the 4c pack with the battery exposed.

image image

How to finish the 4c exposed side. To fill the void in the plastic end cap, I filled with two layers of cardboard, wrapped with gorilla tape.

That would work as well, I already had the 10c and 4c through bolted and locktited together or I would have done that. Just watch the clearance between the seat support bracket and the end of the battery tray. I used 1/2" plywood and the fit was getting tight.