Bolt Battey Install

Well it’s time to get this thing installed.

I got all the balance Leeds solderd onto the battery and got the BMS working .

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The Next step will be to “Prep” the battery compartment. I plan on putting a plastic/Fiber board on the floor and on the uprights of the compartment that will support the new battery. Here is where the new battery is going.

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Can’t wait.
I see now why the brake cable is fine. The frame it crosses is front of the battery edge. The edge being at the intersection of frame and gusset.

If anything the frame contacts the brake cable at the base close to the plastic

Got the hoist yet?
More pictures.

How about this?

The plan is to template and then cut some fiber board to make the battery compartment support the battery. I have to source the material and get it installed before I can go any further. So I’m sort of in a holding pattern right now

Dave: your drawing above is a great option. I could get some aluminum strips and do what you did in your drawing and then use some of those adjustable straps like what you used when you lowerd the battery into the gem. You could use the adjustable straps to go around the aluminum bars to strap down the battery. Hummmmmm

Only Down side with your idea would be that the compartment would be more open to the elements. I don’t know if that even matters? Even in a good rain ride it stays somewhat dry back there.

You still have the floor in the battery trays.
I was thinking to mount the straps to the gusset, in position to line up with battery mounting feet.
Hard to measure that close.

Maybe mount angles to strap that will allow positioning. Then screw into side of gussets from under car later.

Got my plastic and was able to get a motor hoist from a friend.

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Here is a pic of the 1/2 inch thick Plastic I’m gonna useimage

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Grant ,

now you really have to hurry up because i am now following this upgrade.

OK you’re going to see some progress today possibly I’ll have it running and driving by this afternoon fingers crossed

Fat chance!
Now that I have a spark and volt coming in, I’m $500 less in love with my Bolt. :slight_smile:

Ok so here we go.
Lift : Check
Plastic: Check
Battery: Check


First order of business is to get these E brake cables and Rear brake line out of the way

Stock the cables sit right where the battery is gonna lay so they need to be re located

First drill some holes.

Then some rubber grommets


Here is what it looks like with the cables out of the wayimage

Now we have to to the part that I like to call “Fun with Tools” the rules you must have at least 3 power tools all out to qualify the more tools you have out and laying around the more points! :slight_smile:
Here I am making the plastic back rear for the battery