Goliath Battery Install 2017 Gem

Well I’m starting the Process of installing one of Dave’s 20Kw “Goliath Packs” these (3) VW ID-4 battery’s make up a 24 Cell 99.6volt pack.


The Mounting went super smooth a few sticks of 9/16 All thread and some spacers

The all thread runs threw all 3 battery’s and the spacers keep the battery’s apart. The all thread on the bottom simply bolts into the factory battey tray.


When using nyloc nuts you probably don’t need the jamb nut.

Looks great.

I can’t tell if those spacers are plastic or aluminum? Might want to consider aluminum at least on the bottom spacers, that is a lot of weight to be holding in place.
Looks fantastic tho - good work Grant.

The spacers are painted steel. The battery’s feel super solid like you could lift the entire car via the battery’s :slight_smile:


Anyone taking bets on how long until Grant says f-it and takes his gem on the freeway and proceeds to keep up with traffic?

Mixing metals is not good… I would have covered the althread with shrinktube and put delrin washers between each steel spacer and the aluminum body of the battery or better yet stuck with aluminum spacers. Same goes for the SS or steel nuts at the ends.

Look like very cool battery modules and wondering if there are cooling lines running through them since I think only Nissan does passive battery cooling.

Wait! No one told me Couldn’t go on the Freeway! :slight_smile:


The Exterior or the battery case is shielded completely from what’s inside. Just like a traditional battery the case is separate from the POS & Neg terminals. So a piece of Steel is NOT gonna have any effect on anything the (all thread) is running directly threw the factory Battery mounts .

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Goliath (LG chem) is a monster.

Great batteries and good installation.

20kWh is a great size, prob close to 100 miles of range in ideal conditions.

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If you bolt anything aluminum down with steel bolts you will not have much fun trying to separate those at a later date. I was not talking about anything related to the battery power and purely talking about what’s called galvanic corrosion.

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And that … is why I don’t bolt sh it down.

Zip Ties baby, it gets the job done!

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I know I’m a dummy Why the Hell did I bolt these things down. I’m a “Velcro Maniac” that a 3M double sided trim tape. That stuff is “Tarzan’s Grip”

But on a serious note “galvanic corrosion” come on, if you need to be right I’ll agree with you just so you feel good inside. but in a real world application it’s just fine.

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Do you plan to use in salt water?

I am so using that as my porn stage name

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Sorry, I’ve just been snapping 5/8 SS bolts in aluminium solar panel hold downs and drilling out smaller steel bolts in aluminum wheels and forgot how ‘beautiful an installation, wonderful installation, one of the best installations ever’ it can be.

Can you tell if any lube/anti-seize used on that solar panel SS hardware?
Thread galling is a real issue, even on brand new hardware. I’ve fused together a nut and bolt (right out of the box) just putting them together. It usually ends up twisting the bolt in half rather than unthreading itself. SS is not a very strong bolt either.

But yeah, in a wet/marine environment different metals touching each other don’t play well with each other.

In Grant’s case I don’t see it being much of an issue.

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