Chevy Bolt conversion

Hope to bring this into the open forum.
A member is converting to Chevy Bolt batteries.
So far Bolt batteries are rare, however they overcome some of the drawbacks of Volt for Gem.
2 x 10s modules should fit easily. At 160ah will make an 80 mile Gem.
4 modules Which may fit with some effort will easily break the 100 mile mark.
Low mileage modules from test facilities should make a drop-in 80 mile pack.
I have one coming to test.


Battery is delivered next door.
Not sure how to drag it home and in my garage. Might be too heavy for my el.


My 400 mile Gem.

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A full 20s 72v module is:

38" x 14" x 5"


How easy are they to break apart? Will they be easy to use with a BMS?

Relatively easy. Lifting them was the hard part. I’ll use an engine puller or get help next time.
My harness won’t fit. If they become common, I’ll find something.
For now I’ll extend the factory wires.
My plan is to put together a drop-in pack, wired to bms. It may get expensive with shipping and a days work already.
Will not be able to sell for the Ebay price. Hope the added value will help them sell. Doesn’t matter. I’m more of a collector than a seller. :frowning:
One of these is equal to three volts. 160ah

Did you get yours yet?
I’m hoping you share you install progess.

I have not received them yet

Of course, I just have to keep reminding myself to take pictures.

Received the batteries today. The courier unfortunately damaged the pins on the on board circuitry. I also received a charger and BMS. They are in fact fused. Inbetween cells @ 630 ma. You mentioned something about not being able to use c 10325 or BMS 24. Your feedback after looking at them?

I don’t see how fuses can survive the Chargery 1.2 amp balance current.
680ma was from memory, the spark and other gen 2 may also be 630ma.
I use a 24s Bluetooth bms with small balance current with gen 2.
See what ,is it Jimmy?, says.
We’ve been sharing some things.

Oh, by the way, did they come with bms to Bolt harness?
Now that I have samples, I may build some.
Can’t thank you enough for bringing them to my attention.:wink:
These are the greatest modules ever. Extremely rare other than $21k new.

I have the factory cable to bare wire. I’ll take pictures.

I haven’t got that far. No time for my own projects! :slight_smile:

I hear that issue. Running a business, raising the kids and just life in general seems to do that. The battery swap helps with both business and getting kids to school. So… I am justifying it mentally.
Since one of my on boards showed up with broken pins, I am wondering if it might be better to go direct to the tabs and bypass the on board circuitry?

Get a picture of how he handled splitting the pack. There is not enough hardware for keeping compression plates on both ends of 1/2 modules.
It looks like I will need to fabricate a plate for one end.


I hooked up the c 10325 charger without any BMS and get nothing but a low voltage reading. It’s set for the proper cells and type. Not sure what I’m missing there. I’ll put the whole supplied BMS together. I venture I’m going to need your Q charger and a BMS set up. Should simplify things either way.

That looks good. He must have robbed them from another module. I have to make one more.

Don’t know what’s up with charger. Should work by itself.

Got my end plate done! At least try #1.