Polaris gem 2015+ lithium battery install

Ok, so to make Michael M’s life a little easier I’m going to attempt a run down of my lithium install. (If you’re KINDA thinking about doing lithium, 110% yes, do it.

  1. remove battery’s and place battery with BMS on top of battery 2. (Do this on a counter for a bench test)

  2. Scan and download app

  3. connect heavy gauge wire on front of both batteries Mike labeled them “o”

  4. connect modules they have corresponding marks on each end. Connect monitor.

  5. push button on monitor to fire up (the BMS will blink red) use the app to sync battery. Now that you’ve fired up the battery you know all is well with the battery, go under “control” and turn off discharge. You’ll have this off until install is complete

  6. mount your battery however using some sort of tray, just MAKE SURE ITS SOLID.

  7. connect positive to rear right battery terminal, connect negative to leads on top of battery coming from BMS. Make sure these connections are very solid and you’re making good contact. Also connect new lead Michael shipped out, located to back right of battery tray.

  8. go in through app and turn on discharge and charge your cart (this may take 10-12 hours as it is a LARGE battery. Michael has already went through and programmed safeguards. It will not charge over 80% and will not discharge below 20%. This is a very very well thought out battery and Michael is an absolute wizard. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Side note- I bent old battery tie downs and drilled new holes in frame, cut raised section of aluminum and placed inside a ip67 rated box. I siliconed all holes for the best seal possible. Do I think it’s ip67 rated… no, but it’s a good barrier.

This battery will lighten your cart 300lbs and the rear will sit roughly 1” higher than normal, but it will actually drive much nicer. 48v to 60v was a massive improvement. 6% of this battery took me as far as my whole other battery would go and a much needed increase in torque.

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Jason, Thank you for doing this. Install looks great!

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initial password is 1234, adv password is 123456. Do NOT hit the buttons that say li ion or Lifepo4. Do Not change anything in the settings page unless instructed.

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What is a good adjustable shock to use with this battery setup? All that weight reduction the back is going to be very high.