Installing one of Lithium Gods new 22s extended range battery packs

The local Gem dealer has been wanting to learn how to do lithium installs. Mike is a really nice guy so I agreed to spend a few hours showing him how to do it at his dealership. He brought in a Customers Gem(also named mike) who is on this form. So the the 3 of us did the install. Enjoyable day for me, working on a Gem with 2 other very nice Guys. They had mostly prepped the Gem by removing the batteries and cutting a shelf( hardest part of install). Got it in, upgraded charger, reprogrammed controller and did a little wiring clean up/simplification. Battery is in low voltage storage mode, so he only got to test it that way until it gets charged.


@AlcazarE4 This is his Gem. Very good looking in person.

Also special call out to Mike the owner of Naples Gem’s. Great guy to work with, quality work.

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Driving a 2006 E4, I wanted more range and pep in a simple package that would last a lot longer than my Gels lasted. I researched my options, and, with the help of this Forum, I concluded, that Lithium was the way to go. Based on the 1st couple of test drives with just a 37% charge, I think Mike and Mike delivered.

I had visions batteries crammed into every available space and miles of intricate wiring. LithiumGods’ new “22s Extended Range Battery Pack” makes for a clean and professional install. Notice anything else missing?

How about 310 lbs, the difference between six 70 lb Gels and the 110 lb lithium pack!

And talk about high tech, the cell phone app allows you to monitor, diagnose and make adjustments to almost every aspect of the battery pack without additional dash instrumentation or hooking up a laptop.

Between Mike’s GEM facility and LithiumGods’ knowledge of the new 22s Pack, you couldn’t have asked for a smoother install. I can’t wait to put my GEM through its paces after the pack is fully charged so stay tuned.


Looking forward to you testing.