2012 GEM E6 Lithium Conversion Complete

I purchased the Extended Range Plus Pack from @LithiumGods and installed it back in April. Installed it in my 2012 E6 which had 6 Polaris Gels in it. The install was a complete piece of cake as the packs dropped into the existing battery tray with zero modification. I used the existing threaded rod and wingnut setups that were holding the old batteries down to secure the new packs to the metal battery tray so just had to drill two holes. Mike was in my area on travel and dropped the battery packs off, reprogrammed the controller and charger, and gave me some quick instructions. About 45 mins later I had the cart back up and running on lithium power.

The difference was noticeable immediately more power, quicker acceleration, and no trouble coming up the hill my house sits on. My previous range on the gels was 12 - 15 miles if I let it get down to nothing. I put 32 miles on the Gem this weekend and the lithium pack was just under 50% drained. It would be challenging to get to the true bottom on the pack. The factory drain calculation on the battery gauge on the dash has to be adjusted to at least be closer to accurate otherwise it will show empty long before you need to plug in. I did not pick up much in the way of top end speed (maybe 1-2mph now runs 33 - 34mph when fully charged) but that is most likely related to the gear ratio currently in the GEM.

If you are on the fence about making the transition to lithium, I highly recommend it. If not, and you need a set of 6 Polaris GEL Batteries, send me a message. Located in Lakeland, FL.


Very good batteries! And they fit perfectly

Yeah, amazing how well the Group 31 Gels just drop right in. Like an engineer made compartments just for them,


Nice report @bnez.

Do you happen to know the Ratio of your trans? See if that barcode label is still on the top of your Trans. Post the number you find.

I’m guessing you have a 12.44 in there. With tires standing at 21 this puts the motor going at 7k @ 35mph.

This sure sounds like it is fast enough. Next step would be some bigger tires, but that will only give you a little bump. Biggest jump will be a new set of gears but it will affect hill climbing performance.

Feel free to come back and do followups on how your car is working for you.

I as referring exactly to that :upside_down_face:

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OP should verify, but I think the e6’s might have been 14.75:1 like the eLXD. If that’s the case, that DC motor is going to grenade on you, probably sooner than later.

An AC motor which can spin 9k rpm all day long would be your best friend…

it is the 14.75. motor is maxing out rpm’s. Gem pulls hard up his hills. He did a clean install, looks factory.

Chesus those AMDs are tough ass motors…

Hello, do you still have the gel batteries? I am in Jax and interested :+1:t2: Also, how much was the conversion?

We are in Florida this week and trying to reach lithiumgods or any source for lithium iron batteries for 2008 e2
We don’t do twitter nor facebook

301 538 5637

We don’t generally do lithium iron and find NMC to better option.
Are you near LG in Naples to pick up a battery?

If you need it shipped, I can do it for you.
See PM.

I have them in stock Naples,fl ,central, fl and South Ga

We’re in the villages
And would like to know if it’s a drop in to existing trays and if charger is included
Lakeland is within driving range of our rivian ev

I have 1 set in the Villages(delivered one to a client last week and left another for inventory) works with the stock DQ charger, have a few people in the Villages that can assist if needed.

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