Gem, Extended range , High performance Lithium packs . $2200

The are brand new lithium packs set up for Gem cars . They consist of 2 , 10s modules (20s total) . 180ah capacity . These will significantly increase your range and your performance . A set of these with a 5hp stock motor will outperform a stock Gem with lead batteries and a 7.5hp motor . With 10.35 gears and larger tires we had a stock gem hit 40mph .

You will need to have your charger updated to charge lithium($75) and to hook a BMS ( $140 -200).
These are compatible with 2002 to 2015 Gems . 2016 + packs are also available .
The modules weigh 70lbs each which is significantly lighter than the 400lb lead battery pack .
The modules will be have attachment points added to each cell to enable easy BMS attachment and the cells will all be numbered for easy identification .

The modules are new but are scratch and dent . The plastic side covers can be cracked and the stainless tops can have scratches . None of this effects performance or durability .

22s and 24s high voltage extreme setups are also available .

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