Complete 20s 73v 112ah lithium battery kit for Gem or Think Sold

Includes smart bms with lcd and bluetooth
Plug in bms harness from 5 or 6 modules to smart bms
Charger reprogramming
The new E-Golf modules are the nicest configuration I’ve found
20s 73v kit is $2000
Add 2s or 4s anytime-Harness is ready to plug in another module
These modules just came in a couple weeks ago. I’m building this first one to show others how to do it. Ready to go now, except for final test of complete system before shipping.




It is prewired with an extra plug. Accept either a 2s or 4s module.

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Hi Dave, Happy new year. Do you think I could install those on my 2001 GEM? What charger would I need? I installed a new DeltaQ in june but it looks like the interlock is acting up and the GEM is dead right now although batteries are charged and showing 75v. I have not installed the T2 and Motor I got from Grant yet.

Sure they will work fine. Charger may work as is. Try it. Else it can be reprogrammed.
I would get the car running first. Early gems can be money pits.

Jumper the interlock wires that were used on the Zivan and it should run.

What is 2S or 4S? What kind of performance/mileage can we expect to get? What is the weight of each module?

2s batteries are 7.3 volts
4s are 14.6
112ah should go 30 to 50 miles
Shipped a set today.
30lb for a 4s and $50 S&H
2s would be 1/2
I’ll post when I get another set built. Or I can sell just the modules.
$375 each 4s
$175 each for 2s

20s is ~ 8kwh
24s is ~ 9.8kwh


Dave, I have a 2018 E2. I’d like to upgrade to lithium. Will your batteries and charger work for me? If so, I’m up for the 24s module.

As the new Gems are 48v, it’s a new ball game.
But yes, it can be done. It will involve a little more that the classics.
Let’s see if @grantwest remembers how we did his 2017 e4 @60v.

I have a 10s Bolt that needs a new home. It needs another 4s for 57v.
What is your location?
7 of my 2s will work, but only 5.6kwh.
I don’t think I have 14 left after a pm just received.

A 15 cell pack will bring your stock 48v gem up to 60v big reduction in weight and slight performance in speed pick up

Charger needs new porg loaded but all other things remain stock all functions work as stock

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This one is sold.
I have enough 2s to make one more system.
Same cells, same price. More pieces. 2 of the 2s = 1 of the 4s

I may be interested. I’m looking at buying a Think. What’s the best way to contact you?

Sold out for now.
There is a set of green batteries for sale. I’ll have time check in.

Looking for a battery pack for my vantage greentruck it’s a 72v setup.
Had a Chevy volt pack for a year it’s swelled up on one side and looking for a replacement.

I think that’s similar to my Miles truck. I used a 92 volt battery in it.
The 24s 88 volt Tesla battery should give it a 100 mile range.
Miles was an ac Curtis, but I don’t know what controller you have.

Yes from all I read it’s similar to miles.
It has a Curtis controller and a delta q charger.
I have the handheld programmer and a OEM laptop programmer for the Curtis.
I’m using it around the farm as a second utv so I’m looking for a smaller battery pack then 100 mile pretty sure it could handle the 92v.

Here are the other major components in it:

TRANSAXLE - TEAM 421869-300
MOTOR - AC35-16.02.2 35HPMAX 10HPCONT 4800RPM

I have this one. 90ah Made from 6pcs Honda modules 12s 3p2s

Also have 4 pcs 12s Honda batteries left $250 each

It says I can’t do more then three replies?
Can you send me a PM or an email to continue this?


This one has a JK active balance bluetooth bms. Charge control only. So unlimited amps discharge, bms wise. A 350a jk will plug right in. I’m out at present. Most of my evs do not route the load through bms to prevent tripping in traffic. On the other hand, the ones with controlled load rarely trip.
@LithiumGods has a 15" high battery in his. Of course this can be oriented any direction.

I have extra modules if for some reason you want a spare.