Chevy Bolt battery pack for a gem for sale

I bought a chevy bolt battery pack . I’m going to use 2 or 3 sets for Gem projects and will have 2 sets available for sale . They will be 20s packs with a high amp, blue tooth balancer . These are the balancers I use personally . These are located in Naples , Fl. but i will ship if needed .

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Welcome to the Bolt club. :slight_smile:
These are the best Gem battery ever.
12kwh 160ah
May work with standard Gem charger.

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Do you still have cells that can be put into a E2? I am thinking of using either a Bolt or Leaf batteries.

I have one set left . But someone has enquired about them . Let me see if they are going to take them . Where are you located ?


you can email me directly at WMGCEO@GMAIL.COM

My two cents is to go Bolt… I have run Bolt, Volt and Spark all have worked great. Leaf I think can be nice but you should really go with the newer generation and that can get pricy and a lot of work to configure and place.
Someone that has done Leaf may chime in and correct me if that is incorrect.

I have done 3 leaf conversions . The problem is the cells didn’t last . They have multiple generations so hopefully the Gen 4’s might be better . I’m unaware of any long term testing showing id the newer ones are holding up .

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