Chevy Bolt battery pack . Mechanics special . 20 cell . $2200

I purchased a Bolt battery pack from a large electrical company that was doing some kind of testing on the individual cells . They removed some of the individual cells from one of the modules for testing . The remaining cells have the copper connecting bars cut out on one side so the aluminum tabs well have to be reconnected on that side . So what you get is 2 complete 8 cell modules and 4 cells that need connecting for a total of 20 cells . This would be an 80v 160ah pack .

The standard price for the 20s Bolt packs is $3500 . Will sell this one for $2200 . If you want more cells for a 22s or 24s high voltage setup they also available .

Mike 239 784 5690

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Will take some effort but an easy way to save money.
Place an 1 1/4" drilled block of alum, cu, or brass between the tabs.
Pinch the foil tabs between the block and washer plates.

no longer available . But I do have a regular bolt pack available for $2700 .