Chevy Bolt battery packs for your Gem

I have five packs of ten and one 8 pack available for sale.

The 10 pack modules are pre-wired for BMS. Discount for multiple purchase:

10 pack:
Buy one (qty. 1) $850 each (five available)
But two (qty. 2) $1,500

Eight pack:
$600 (only one available)

Purchase all six modules for $4,000

This item has been sold!

Each of the 10 OEM Bolt Battery Sections contain 2 modules that are structurally bolted together - but are isolated not being electrically connected . Do these 2 modules readily separate after being unbolted? How is the common side between the 2 modules when bolted together capped off after being separated?

Yes, each 10s module has it’s own terminals.

This is one I’m stacking today.
End caps to hold them together. This is what I have in my 2018.
The mounting holes in the feet fit the oem holes in the Gem frame. How perfect is that?




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