New to me 2012 Gem issues

Hi all, new owner of two 2012 gem e2’s that were used as City of Tampa parking vehicles. Coincidentally, I’m also located in Naples, Florida!

Both cars need batteries replaced and I purchased a full set of deep cycle flood batteries today but I’m having issues with chargers and battery levels, etc…I’d be really interested in these lithium batteries and/or new chargers (no lights?!)

Can either of you reach out to me?
(239) 289-0019 thanks!

"So far I’ve tested all batteries as bad, and bought one full set of six Marine deep cycle lead acid batteries to test the first cart with. Both carts had AGM batteries installed, and from what I’ve read I should be able to charge the lead acid batteries on the AGM setting, correct?

once installed, I discovered two problems. Charger has no lights whatsoever, and when I press the gas pedal the motor sparked (but rolled a couple inches) …eek!

I’m headed to my shop to check the temperature sensor and speed sensor on end of motor. I found the service manual and will check the pin outs at the main fuse board, but not sure what to check after that. I’m thinking I need a controller or charger? "

Gem chargers do not have an agm setting. Not important right now.

We’re these cars abused? Flooded?

You should be getting error codes.

Motor needs to be taken out and cleaned up if it sparks abnormally.

Test the motor on 12v. Disconnect original cables.

Run small wires or clip leads from A to F. Field and armatue paralleled. Reversing F wires changes direction.

Then use a set of jump start cables from “A” terminals to a 12v battery.

That should give you an idea of motor health or stuck brushes, without risking controller damage.

Thanks for splitting out to a new thread! I wanted to post an initial thread but wasn’t sure where to start! These were probably abused but used in a fleet for the city of Tampa, so I imagine they were charged nightly and maintained regularly…but used hard.

found two wires unplugged under the dash, one is a single wire with a female connector and the other is a two-wire harness. Any ideas?

I’ll call this car one, hoping car two doesn’t have any issues!

I can do the test you mentioned above just want to make sure it’s okay to disconnect everything forward of the MDS with it off?

Should the blue/red be plugged in here somewhere?

Sorry, one more update. Just discovered error code 11

[mean key switch]

Thanks Inwo. So you may have heard, but just to post for others, that kinghappy came by and we tried switching controllers first with no difference. The 11 error code was gas pedal related on a diagram I saw, and we think it was caused by the lower dash resting on the gas pedal when lowered. Next we swapped the old (24k mi) 7 HP motor for his known working 5HP and it fired up like a champ!

Just a word of caution for others and exactly as Kinghappy suspected, those 7HP motors are vulnerable to salt, corrosion, dirt, mud and dust with the vent openings on them…

Now to find another DQ charger for cart 2 (and pray the motor is good)!

Thanks all for the help,

Send the charger to me for possible repair.
If not repairable, I can set up a new charger with dc-dc and your cables for exact replacement.