What should we do with our 2005 gem car?

We have a 2005 Gem E2, when they were made by chrysler. It needs new batteries, but they may end up costing $1800. I am thinking of alternatives. I am thinking of selling or donating it to some good cause. It’s really fun to zip around in it, and it has new brakes, so it’s like getting a new gem car for $1800, but that’s still a lot of money. Any thoughts?

Put in some cheap batteries.

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Which are cheap? I have been looking at group 31, and they are all around $300 a piece. I guess we could go with some kind of regular lead acid like a trojan, but they are still around $200 a piece.

Napa has some batteries, and that would make it a lot easier, but I’m not sure which ones would work.

I think Napa are good. @Old_Houseboater has posted his recommendations and results.


31DCM $96 a copy over the past 5 years I hve purchased 43 for my rebuilds. I have 7 in my Hot Rod 2 seater. They will give 10% discount if you are a veteran,

NOTE: NOT 31DCMJ These are not the same battery.

You MUST set your charger to flooded.

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You can put in any battery. The group 31 lead/acid deep cycle “trolling motor” marine batteries work good, but you will have to maintain the water level to make them last.

Thanks! I’ll check out the 31 DCM batteries and see if they are around!

Are the O’reilly’s flooded batts? They have them and I am thinking of getting them put in. Thanks!

They said that they are maintenance free, so I suppose that means that they are flooded, but you don’t have to mess with them.

They’re idiots, there is even a sticker over the caps that says to “remove to check water” (or something like that). The 31DCM is a flooded battery and FLAs need maintenance periodically. The caps are flush w/ a slot and require a wide blade to rotate (I use a bartenders speed beer bottle opener). They kind of look like a maintenance free, but aren’t.

Stay away from O’reilly’s batteries. They are a waste of money and will go bad within a year. That was my experience with them… if you decide to sell it let me know. I’m in the market for another one… :sunglasses::us:

if you are near San Diego, CA and are considering selling it, let me know. I’ve heard the 2005 and up ride better than the 2002 we have now.

I have a 2007 Gem 4 with new batteries for sale in Encinitas. Pm me if you’re still looking for one.


I have purchased over (40) 31DCM batteries from Orillys and never got a dud. I have 7 of them in my 2 seater. YOU MUST SET YOUR CHARGER UP FOR FLOODED!!!


Thanks!!! We’re going with the 31 DCM’s and we can get them right here in our town. It’s going to make everything a lot easier.

Did you top off the battery water after purchasing? They ship them at the minimum water level for hazmat reasons.

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I’ll check it out when we get them. We have two flooded batts for our solar backup light system, so we’re familiar with them. Thanks!

Check the water level after charging and only use distilled water to fill.

Yes, Don’t ever fill a battery unless it is fully charged .

Revi, where do you live?