What should we do with our 2005 gem car?

In Maine. We got the O’reilly batts and are having them installed. Thanks!

Where do we find the setting for the charger?

Your charger is mounted upside down under the shelf in the front of the cart, I believe you had gels and that is setting 14, If I remember 13 is for flooded.


Thanks a lot! We’ve got the batts in now!

Hi, Old Houseboater, we found the charger, but don’t know where on it it says the flooded batt setting, #13. Any pointers to getting to the settings?

Now the turtle has come on again, and I know that batteries are charged. What is the most likely reason? New Batteries, worked fine for a couple of weeks, and now it’s got no power at all… Any ideas?

Checked the batts and they are reading 11 volts. They read 12 volts in the car parts place. Does that mean anything? The indicator in the car says they are fully charged.

11V is really bad and even 12V is bad for a Pb type battery. 12.2V on a Pb type battery generally means you have used 50% of the charge and that’s usually as low as you want to go.

Pb type batteries must be recharged fully after every use if you want them to last.

We plug it in and make sure the charging indicator is on every time. Any idea why they aren’t taking a charge? The turtle is on also.

The indicator says that they are fully charged. They are new batteries.

a few common reasons are:
Battery connections are loose or corroded.
battery water level is, or has been, below plate level. This damages batteries.
Battery water level should be at or just a pinch below the filling hole plastic neck inside the battery.
Damaged battery. sometimes the battery cable connections are over tightened and the terminal can fracture.
Battery charger not putting out proper charge level. Final voltage should be ~13.8V * NumberOfBatteries(12V Pb).
No long extension cards and use 12 ga or better AC cord.

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These are new batteries, so they should be good. I tested each batt and it said just 11 volts. Is there a better battery tester? This one is so complicated. We are charging with a pretty good cord, and it seems to be charged according to the “gas tank indicator” on the dash.

Could it be a setting in the charger? We couldn’t get to the charger to set it to “flooded”. Any hints to getting to the place where you set it? Do we need to put it up on a lift?

That’s probably the issue. The charger might be set for AGM or Gel which won’t charge the flooded batteries all the way.

It’s a DeltaQ in the 2005’s right? (yellow charger with fins)

Yes, it’s yellow with fins. I’ll look it up! Thanks. I just got in the car and it’s zippier than ever.

Who knows what it was? I’ll try to set the charger. Any hints? It’s up underneath the car so I am going to try to put it up on stands to check it out later in the week. Do you have to remove the bottom or something?

Wish I could help you more with the charger, but that’s about where my familiarity ends with the delta’s. I think you can check the mode on the charger by doing a "button/wire dance " to get blink codes, i know Dave has a programmer too.

Maybe a corroded or partially broken battery lead. Or a malfunctioning temp sensor for the charger maybe cutting it out too early?

Again not super familiar with the DQ at the present time. Habe one in a box I’ve been meaning to install in place of my zivan but have not had the time

@Revi it really doesn’t matter if they are new batteries if they have been depleted to 11V they will not act like new batteries any more. Something is really wrong if you have the charger saying it is fully charged and yet you are measuring 12.0V and below on the batteries.

Morning from the Florida Keys Rodney,

Interested in how you are running the extra battery. My hopped up 2001 gem could definitely use a bit more battery power. Was thinking about going with 12 6 volt (it is the two seat truck), but that is a chunk of money to spend.


Lithium conversion will solve any power issues. I can’t say enough about how much better performance is since I dumped FLA.

That is the eventual plan, just have to come up with the money.