gem electric to gas conversion.

I’m looking at converting a gem car to gas was wondering what everyone was using and doing to make it work. was thinking about picking up a quad and using everything off of it. fabrication is not an issue as I can do just about anything figured I’d either remove the little tub on the rear and build a cradle fir the engine there it’s an 02 4 seater that needs batteries and I’m not spending a grand on them unless I can use marine batteries them I’ll consider keeping it electric but the seller has no knowledge of what it needs since it’s sitting at a scrap yard. all input is appreciated

31DCM batteries from O’Reilly Auto. $97 each. Built in the US by East Penn Deka.

Do not get the 31DCMJ - that is a Johnson Controls (Interstate) foreign made battery that doesn’t even compare in durability and longevity.

I’m running them in an 02 truck model and have no complaints, @Old_Houseboater swears by these batteries and has been using them for years in his GEM and the ones he rebuilds and resells.

If you’re going to spend $1200-1400 on Trojan batteries, unless you need the massive amperage they can provide, you can get a hot rodded lithium setup from @Inwo or @LithiumGods.

When I got my 02, the backup plan in the event that the electronics and electrical was too far from repairable to make it worthwhile, was to mount a GSXR engine in the bed to drive a solid rear axle (and buy stock in a tire company). Would have been fun, but in retrospect, I kind of like it better the way it is now as a mildly hot-rodded electric.