How much should I ask for grandmothers 2005 GEM E2?

Hello again.
Trying to find a reasonable price to ask for my grandmother in laws 2005 E2.
I’ve installed new 31DCM from Orilleys and changed the chargers algorithm per Old_Houseboater’s suggestion. (Thanks again OHB!).
It has new tires and everything seems to be working fine. Charger, heater, lights, brakes, wiper, doors…
It’s in relatively good shape.
It has just under 4500 miles. This is a bone stock unit. No mods whatsoever.
Nana is 96 now and doesn’t feel safe driving anymore.
I’ll most likely list it on Facebook Marketplace unless anyone has other suggestions.
I’m south of Atlanta, GA.
As always, thanks in advance.
Sincerely, Dave.

Nana is 96 ripping around in this?? That’s awesome. Sounds like a cool grandma

She’s a pip all right! Just got a picture the other day of her dancing with a gentleman in her new nursing home she just moved into.
Sadly she has finally started showing her age a couple of years ago. Coincided with her not driving the Gem anymore.
Sincerely, Dave.

I’m just looking for a ballpark figure.
I just haven’t been able to find anything to reference as far as used prices.
Sincerely, Dave.

I’m thinking 4500. low miles, doors, heater, custom black paint, custom wheels. might bring more.

Thanks so much, LG.
It does have doors, heater works, new batteries, new tires. But it’s all stock.
Sincerely, Dave.

It’s really dependent on location. In northern NY that would be about a $6-7k car

I would agree on region… socal you can’t give away 2 seaters. I’d check craigslist, offerup, and Facebook for comparison. Price against what’s out there. Price higher if you have time to wait for the right buyer

I paid $5,100 for GEM E2, 2 years ago, with new gel batteries and in near perfect condition. eBay Motors. I paid an additional $1,900 to have shipped to my residence, approximately 1,500 miles.

2008 GEM e2…, completing my previous post…

I’m in SoCal and love my 2 seater. So much easier to turn and park. Got rid of a 4 seater. 2001 e825. With lithium install it runs like the wind. Of course rides like a dump truck but I learned to post like on a horse and helps a lot.

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Thanks so much everyone.
I looked on all the usual suspects - FB, craigslist, eBay…
Just couldn’t find any around me to compare.
Listed it on FB at $6350 and have had some interest. If no one bites I’ll lower it.
Thanks again.
Sincerely, Dave.


I already have a 2009 E2 but am interested for a friend who is enamored with mine. Can you text or call me at 817.808.7402? Thanks! Dennis

Thanks for the interest. It has been sold. FWIW, we sold it for $4000.
Sincerely, Dave.


ARRGGHHH!! Just saw this! Would have paid asking. Dammit. Hope the new owner loves it…

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