I just got home our new to us 2014 GEM eS. I’m trying to learn and figure out what I have. So far I’m really pleased as the car has a bunch of options that were not advertised.

Batteries: Please look at the picture and tell me what I’ve got. I think they are the standard maintenance free flooded lead-acid batteries. Are they?

This pic might be easier to see:


Cant read what the lables say. They look like 31MDC’s (Marine Deep Cycle)made by East Penn and marketed under many lables.


Remove the sticker to get at the caps and check levels monthly. These are NOT maintenance free batteries.

Hint: These are flooded batteries. The cart came with GELS. Make sure your charger is programmed for these batteries. If the charger wasn’t reprogrammed when these units were installed your range will be down to 12 miles in 6 months from undercharging. Properly charged and maintained these batteries will last 3 years+

I might ask why the original GEL’s were replaced since their normally a 6/7 year battery and maintenance free.

Thanks. I’ll pull off the brackets and look closely at them.

Is there a shop manual I can download or purchase somewhere? I’m guessing the owner’s manual I have does not address reprogramming the charger.

These people have manuals to 2010 there were changes made for for 2014 and 2015. If you find a source for later models please post.

GEM Service Manuals PDF Download

If you bought your cart from a dealer it’s probably been upgraded but I would check it any way. Your dealer would probably give you the procedure. My experience in reprogramming Delta Q’s has been totally negative. There’s a touch to it. The Tech programmed mine in 5 minutes from the time I walked in the door till I walked out. I had over 3 hours trying on 2 units.

Keep us updated because batteries, chargers, and programming are top issues with GEM owners.



Will do and THANKS.