8kW AC motor anyone have a spare?

As long as your thinking “battery”. Get a picture.
Measure each battery voltage.
If its an early model, look for an aux battery under the dash.
Also a 10awg red wire in battery compartment. It will be taped off or connected to the 2nd 6v battery.
If connected in rear you may need to charge the first 12v separately.

Will do Dave, I think it’s done charging up to 90% now, I have that storage bin back there. I think I have to remove it to get access to the battery department.

That’s impressive. You’re the only person i know to truly PanaMax a uhaul with a gem.

Yeh, but need to in any case.

You just need to get a running start and have happy thoughts.

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Wont do it again, it took way too much time to load and unload and the stress of scratching the damn thing

Dude, if only you had swaybars…

suspension and brakes are phase 2

I need to check inventory for new.
@Erniea15, i will want to copy your dcf just before shipping controller.
Also, pertinent information. You run dual thottle or added my fsi device?

48v coil or have you changed out you mc.?
24s battery? 22s should be close enough.

On my last flight home now… But will send this weekend.

I haven’t messed with my config in over a year… It’s just worked.

I’m still running dual throttle. Last car I did with mike we used a fs1 mod you came up with? Gabe swears by them. Thinking we should use la Jolla Kevin’s DCF. @MikeKC would know

Now that I think about it… We had another DCF settings for power steering…

@Af8 do you have power steering?

Hi Ernie, yes this one is supposed to have PS. I’m saying yes b/c it is easy to steer and it has a tilt option which i believe only comes with PS? Is there a reservoir i can go check for PS fluid. Let me go outside and look under for it

Tilt wouldn’t necessarily say yes or no. I bought the gas lift to make it tilt for $90. Just haven’t installed it yet.

Ps. I’m not sure where we are yet with high voltage and power steering. Last car we/I did, it was glitchy in reverse of all things

Let me go out and take a look. i don’t know what to expect other than may a electronic PS kit attached but i don’t know what they look like without a PS kit either since its my only gem

I don’t see anything to make me believe there is PS?

I can study dcf to look for contactor voltage. I know there has been concern about 48v contactor overheating.
This is totally due to settings in DCF. It seems I didn’t keep you guys in the loop on programming contactor volts.
Changing dcf to 48v pull in and 36v hold has no effect without enabling it in two other places. (sevcon :roll_eyes: )

Once it is set up oem contactor will be fine.
MikeKc is in the loop on this.

Yeeaaahh… we burned out Kevin’s contactor.because of that. Setting fixed in his config. We should use his DCF.

Pretty sure I have it. Will email

Can you guys tell from the pic if i have PS or the gem is just extremely light and feels like i have it. I drove a car for many years without PS lol

And then use fs1 fix, correct? Are you sure that your car isn’t a better tested dcf? What about thermistor/ overheat issue? Ok now with the 8kw motor.
I’m ok with anything as long as I configure the harness to fit.