8kW AC motor anyone have a spare?

it’s under the dash. take off dash and if there is a black box aroung the steering, it’s PS

Thanks Mike ill check it and confirm now that i know where to look. I’m still waiting for my service manual to be in stock so i can buy it

I trolled around looking for what the EPS looks like and guessed that this is what it was. Not part of the rack itself, but more of an assist motor inline with the shaft.

Thanks for jumping in LG.

I’ve got 2 cars out there, one with dual throttle and the other with the fs1 switch fix. (Well, 3 cars if you include mine which is dual throttle). No issues with their and it’s been about a year.

Issue there was us running into a snafu with drilling the 8kw motor. We threw the 6.5kw motor temporarily and that’s where we were having the thermistor errors. Once we went back to 8kw, no issue.

confirmed it has power steering. I could see the EPS unit just under the wheel