8kW AC motor anyone have a spare?

Dave suggested I post it here in case anyone has a spare they are willing to part with.

Looking to upgrade a gem and this is on the wishlist.

Willing to trade you factory motor and some cash. Thanks

This is kind of a vague request. Need more info.
What car is this going into?
What are you actually asking for?

  • a motor only?
  • A complete “kit”

I told him to ask here. A motor to start with. He no doubt will need the kit.
Actually, I don’t know what it’s for either.

A kit can include a pmac and 6:1 :wink:

I have been talking with @Af8 - this would not be local install (North LA). This is for a 2018 E4 -
I have suggested gears and reprogramming along with Lithium. Not sure what is current plans are.

I have a client with gears and aftermarket Sevcon. Actually, he is the guy that may have an extra 8kw motor from Gabe.
It is running so well that he may not use the motor.
Let me get you together, are you on FB?

That was kinda my point - not sure there is a need to switch the motor, with VCM and stock controller reprogram - plus all your factory stuff still works.

Matt started with that, but has since stepped up to high voltage lithium.
First 2p14s sdi, then 24s tesla. Similar to Goliath.
I have his file available for anyone wanting to push 5kw motor.
It is still running dual throttle and seems to be fine. Trying to get him on here.
He may have went about it backwards, doing gears first and losing torque.
Now playing catch up. Even lithium and controller wasn’t enough, but the high voltage seems to do the trick.
If it were me, I would leave the big motor until last. Hv rules.

I am taking a shot at 16s, hoping that will be the new HV for stock cars.

@Af8 are you ready to go? @MikeKC has 24s Goliath if you can talk him into making it a kit.
Or use a 22s sdi for 80v. $2750
Need a charger, dc converter, @Erniea15, and new controller.
Need all this if you bought the motor, so start there.
@LithiumGods may have a 24s charger, i have j1772 fast charger and home charging station for the 22s sdi.

I bought jrjava’s 8kw Kit (he never installed it). This was destined for the PNX install that looks like it will not happen.

Dave -
This is 2018, so he would need contactor and throttle harness as well for anything above 65v.
We have also found the factory contactor does not last long with HV, really need a 72v. Somehow Ernie’s is still surviving…LOL

8kw motor would need drilled, if he found one.
Oh, and gears if he wants to get over 35-38mph.

I’ve got all the bits and rig to hold the coupler in place. We can probably take the motors to the machine shop that did Kevin’s to knock them all out at once.

It’s fine if programmed for 48v. Both of mine worked long term.
Have Ernie check contactor settings.

Just my opinion, but I would do the motor and gears last. Motor will do little good without controller and HV. IMO

Sounds like the 8kw motor isn’t a show stopper… But if your guy on FB doesn’t want it, I’m a parts horder and would buy it off him.

@Af8 just needs to find a car!

Hi Guys, just got out of work, playing catch up.

I want to reliably go 50mph without issues b/c the wife will be driving this as well daily, (not at 50mph) but when i want to take it out and drive it i want to take it up to those speeds without issues.

Dave i emailed Adam, waiting for him to reply. Not sure if that is the same guy you are talking about here on FB.

I plan to have a similar setup as Ernie with the 8kW motor and everything else to go with it to make it reliable.

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No, Adam is a dealer in Fl. With a motor he might sell. Matt has the same plan as you. He has all the mods done except motor.
I hoped he would post his results with the 5kw motor.

Hi Dave, Adam got back to me on the price of the motor, will email you if you think it is fair.

Having said that, i don’t know if this gem has 5 or 6.5. If it has the 6.5kW motor I might be just more inclined to use this and roll the dice. It only has about 300 miles on it so it is low miles. MikeKC after a quick chat with him thinks the factory motors with these other mods will do just fine at 50mph and Ernie has provided a lot of invaluable feedback as has everyone here.

A lot of info to wrap my head around and options.

The 24s Goliath, that is something MikeKC needs to make i assume, it is not something off the shelf?

To be clear -
I said the 6.5kw would be fine at 48v - 65v, I have only run a stock motor on 98v for a short time.
It should be fine, but others should chime in here.
Of the entire HV conversion, the motor is one of the easiest things to swap… LOL

@Inwo - if AF8 goes the HV route I would recommend the FS1 conversion as well, which has been rock solid vs two pot throttle.

The 24s goliath batteries are “off the self” (three batteries, 8s each) but I would have to build a harness for the BMS.