2017 Project Car

So this is the New Project Car.
I wanted a car with doors and even though I already have a white 2016. I have decided I’m gonna start on this car.

What is the plan for it ?

8K AC motor
12:35 Transmission (gears)
Sevcon controller
20 Cell Bolt pack
Chargery BMS
J1172 220v plug & charger
17inc Wheels


My co-worker needs some cash and is offering what appears to be a good deal on his 2018 E2 having only 300 miles. After a test ride I’m uncomfortable with its top speed of 25MPH. That’s a rear ending accident just waiting to happen. After spending a bunch of hours reading past posts it looks like I’ll need a different gearbox and a bigger motor & battery pack. I see where Ride4Fun offers a gear package.
Can a COSLIGHT-BRAMMO 8.9KW lithium battery available on eBay for <$9K be retrofitted on the E2 frame?
Grant - what is the detail on your 8KW motor make and model? Do you think it will match with Ride4Fun gears and the lithium retrofit battery upgrades for a 20-25 mile driving range? Did the motor fitment need any frame mods?

There are some wiring harness differences. Be sure to get the service manual Gem service manual and Electrical Diagram

Well the 17 inch wheels are on.

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What is considered a good deal? Mine will be on the market next summer, I hope, after learning what makes it tick.

He’s asking $5K for what is a bare bones unit. I’m trying to figure the total cost in what will be required to upgrade with all the needed power options for practical street use.

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What is the size and offset of the factory wheels?

As far as the 8 kW motor it will bolt right up to the stock transmission. Mike KC has test fitted it and it fits just fine with no modifications to the chassis.

Everything is kind of hush-hush right now because the plan has been changing but if you’re interested in a high-performance long distance Gem then Dave is the go to guy.

I think that you could easily look to spend another five grand + on top of your car.
That would be motor controller battery and transmission or gears

The factory wheels are 14 inch I believe and they are just slightly smaller overall than the 17s I installed. I have no idea what the factory offset of the wheels are If I had to guess I would say 0 to 10 mm offset

stevieB – that’s a great deal and I suggest you take it if you want a modern (2016+) GEM. But you need to read the service manual. The power management system, both traction and charging, is more sophisticated than appearances would suggest. Basically every component has sensors and/or processors that are programmed (via firmware updates) to a specific vehicle configuration. You need to have some appreciation of the inter-relationships to properly choose and benefit from the upgrades on offer. Start with the service manual.

If you don’t buy it, I can always use a parts vehicle for $5k.
I wouldn’t sell mine for that.:thinking:

Appreciate the heads-up MyMobility. Since the sophistication you mention is beyond my pay grade, I don’t think the upgrades I mentioned are something I’m willing or capable to take on.

That’s why we’re making Grant do it first. :slight_smile:

StevieB – buy the e2, buy the manual, get a bit familiar with both, and like inwo says slipstream behind grantwest. You will always be able to get your money back if you change your mind.

Is it known yet in upgrading to a 8KW motor if the existing factory controller would work?

The 8kw motor is comming. I’m working on getting the battery assembled and going.

Does that currently involve an after market controller?

Most likely, yes. Same model controller, different programming.
It might be possible to use the original. Grant will soon know.