New "Gem a.c. motor conversions 8kw motor" Thread

We are getting a few in the field now and could use some feedback.

I have converted a:
2018 E2 8kw
2008 Tomberlin E4 5kw
Tomberlin Anvil 7.5kw
Zone golf cart 8kw
Ruff-N-Tuff 4wd 8kw and 48v Polaris Ranger controller

Kit sent to @grantwest for new style E4. Reports many trouble free miles.

@MikeKC has done several conversions and sent out a few kits.
Hope to get some feedback soon.

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Sounds a bit costly? Average cost?
Does it require Lithium conversion to take full advantage?

It should work fine with lead. There is the extra weight penalty, but other than that it has better speed and power than any of the dc motors.
I believe Grant paid $1k for his blue torque motor.
@MikeKC can quote price for the kit. It’s been between $1500 and $2000 complete.
Smaller Chinese ac kits are available for similar price, but they will not plug-in, nor be custom programmed to driving style, regen, and speed.

Anyone near Mn., KC., @grantwest, or @Troyin909, will have access to programmer.

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You have not priced AC conversion kits much… Golf cart conversions are going for 3K - 4K.


Everyone should love the change. There’s no way toy drive a conversion and don’t love the difference. It’s a complete new feel to the drive. Anything worth having will cost you something. Effort, time, money.

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I now have installs in:

2008 E4 - 8kw motor
2000 E4 - 8kw motor
2005 EL - 8kw motor
2008 E6 - 8kw motor
2005 EZ-GO Golf Cart - 8kw motor

Two more kits went out last week -
Two more will go out this week -

I think testing is done, price just went up :slight_smile:

Hopefully this on on topic enough, but when you put in the AC motor do you still plop in that rubber bumper on the inside of the shaft?

No bumper needed. IMO.


I thinking of making the AC change to my 2008 E4 Special edition. Getting the GE 7hp motor rebuilt now and the T4 is good so both for resale. That should help cut the cost. Getting a Bolt kit from Michael soon. With all these upgrade and my 24" tires on 17s I’d be good for a low speed fly by!

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Are the kits using the original display at all?
Was thinking, can the T4 output to a AC inverter thus utilizing the same display for some details?

The t4 could be left in if you want. We considered, but decided against.
The only thing lost is speedometer and error codes.
Many ways to get a speedometer. GPS, Bluetooth, and bms, for example.

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I see. I have many tablets that can be implemented for that. Many types of mounts will work as well.

I bought this cheapo doo-dad as temporary solution. Error codes are pretty much the only thing the old display did for me.

edit And I just bought the CanTranslator @MikeKC mentions below. Because I need all the things.

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So when and where to enter an order?

See if @MikeKC has enough parts for another one. He has plans to pick up more parts in the next few weeks.
Price varies somewhat with what is included.
I know he has offered it complete with the phase cables.

Sent you a PM

Hello I’m new to the forum I have a 2000 4 seater that I Iifted to put on 27 inch tires i was thinking of going to a ac setup look for more speed and as much torque and I can get what do yall recommend. Thanks in advance

The older Gems have little room between gearbox and shock.
We should have a review soon of a short 5kw motor install.
A big Pmac is available that may fit, but we don’t have a working program for it. I installed one in a test vehicle last week.
I it works out, speed will still be limited to <5k rpm. What gears are in a 2000?
What speed do you need?

I’m down to the last 2 used S4 Sevcon controllers, then price will go up. Unless we find another source of low cost parts.

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