8KW Motor - Sevcon Controller - Digital Dash

Ok been working with the guys on the 8KW Conversion, now we have a viable dashboard.

Here is a 16’ GEM E4 with:
8KW AC Motor
Sevcon Gen4 Size 6 Controller
ThunderStruck CanTranslator
Bluetooth ODB2 transmitter
Android Tablet
Torque Pro (4.99)

Cost for the Can Translator and Bluetooth Transmitter is 120.00



Good job! Thanks for all your hard work on this. I am excited to see how this will work on my 8” android stereo in the overhead console.

Are there devices available that work more like a dash?
No boot up required, on with key. Is that how your stereo works?
Are you running a Sevcon now?
I’m driving my 80v 2018 all the time now and love it.
It changed a boring golf cart into a fun electric car.

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I am still looking into ODB2 Programmable dashes. However there are Android Car stereo’s like Curtis has above that boot in 2 seconds, so almost instant. They can be set to boot right into the Torque app.
That is my next step.

Nice work!!

Interested to see how you tackle the SOC. Is that something the Sevcon can compute or will you need to incorporate another component to compute and inject that info?

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That thing is cool good work Mike. I want one

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@Inwo This is the head unit that I am using. It is a single din 8’ android 8.0 car stereo. It fills up the space in the Gem OEM overhead console space nicely. It has full access to the play store, Bluetooth, nav, gsm+wifi, all the bells and whistles. I also have an app on it that connects to my garage door opener via Bluetooth (nice and convenient)

I have the front end conversion on my 2000 to a 2014 front end finished, motor installed and everything cabled up. Tomorrow @MikeKC and I are going to get the remainder of the wiring finished on the sevcon, light that candle and see how fast it will go.

Here is the link for stereo.

That’s pretty sweet. I had worries about using my tablet. Pita to say the least.
I’ll let you guys market the bells and whistles. I’m a hardware guy.
Are you using the t5 to sevcon pcb from @MikeKC?
I’m hoping for a plug and play kit .
Any landmines left that will stop this from being a diy 1 hour job?
There are 30 or so motors and s4 350a controllers here looking for new homes.
A very few s6 550a. Hoping Mike can build the boards, so I have time for my own projects.

It’s a T2, this is the one I have been talking to you about, we plan to do the install this afternoon. T2=PCBv2=SevconS6=8KMotor

Not sure yet, TS does not have a PID setup for it, like it should be reading directly from the controller. So I will have to play with it a little bit.

Great job Mike you really took this and made it something desirable. Love the whole tablet look!

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@bundcur - looks great! You’re not messing around with that controller cooling setup.

@RS_E6 Thanks. The original plan was to use two fans but I was not paying attention to what I was ordering and I got 2 packs of 10. So 5 looked a lot better. I love to overkill things. @MikeKC found a ceramic thermostat that closed the circuit at 120 degrees so I mounted to the side of the controller to be the on/off switch for them.

Last night after a few tweaks we got the car running on jack stands. T1/T2 cars have a few different things from the T4 cars that we had figure out but once we did it ran great. Looking forward to getting it on the street. Will report back here in a few days. Big thanks to @MikeKC for the help.

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@bundcur - we forgot to video the the car running last night… Damn.

@MikeKC and I got everything put together enough today to hit the road for a test drive. I have a 8.91 gearbox while driving 40mph it pulled very nicely going uphill all the way up to 53mph. Once we hit the straight away at the top of the hill the fastest we got up to was 59 mph. We were not maxed out at 9000 rpm so it probably had another 6-8 more mph in it but was running out of straight road. Will update with next run.

Is this the Troy file or the Zone?
Be safe! That’s crazy fast.

Idk. @MikeKC will have to answer that one.

That is Tory’s file. Tuned down to about 8300RPM and Curtis is running 23" tires. So, 9KRPM and 25" tires will run close to 70… crazy.


Wow… just wow.

I remember there being an issue with troy file. Speed limit or such?
Did you make some changes? Do you know if encoder is at 10v?
I’m just wondering which way to go. Grant may want to try the troy dcf. Only the throttle might be different.
If you can test both in the same car we could learn a lot.
I trust the zone file. We know it’s history. If troy has better performance or efficiency, I can transfer parts of it.
The zone can still stutter, so maybe I should run your latest troy dcf in my anvil?

Maybe troy in s6 and zone in s4?